The Wild Week in AI - Academia loses AI talent; TensorFlow Eager Execution; Uber's Pyro framework; And more;





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The Wild Week in AI

November 6 · Issue #67 · View online

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter curated by @dennybritz.

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We can't compete - Universities are losing their best AI scientists
Sony reboots Aibo with AI and extra kawaii
Geoff Hinton unveils a new twist on Neural Networks
AI and Machine Learning to Revolutionize U.S. Intelligence
Posts, Articles, Tutorials
TensorFlow Eager Execution: A new imperative interface
Backing off towards simplicity - why baselines need more love
AlphaGo Zero – How and Why it Works
Code, Projects & Data
Pyro, a Deep Probabilistic Programming Language (from Uber)
Mask R-CNN on Keras and TensorFlow
Here’s Mario Kart played by a neural network
Earth on AWS Datasets
Highlighted Research Papers
[1711.00489] Don't Decay the Learning Rate, Increase the Batch Size
[1711.00832] A Unified Game-Theoretic Approach to Multiagent Reinforcement Learning (Google DeepMind)
[1711.00043] Unsupervised Machine Translation Using Monolingual Corpora Only (Facebook)
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