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The Wild Week in AI #31 - White House report on AI, Differentiable Neural Computers, How to Use t-SNE


The Wild Week in AI

October 17 · Issue #24 · View online

The Wild Week in AI is a weekly AI & Deep Learning newsletter curated by @dennybritz.

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News & Articles (non-technical)
Barack Obama on Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, and the Future of Humanity
White House Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence
There is a blind spot in AI research
Smart machines and the future of jobs
Posts & Tutorials (technical)
Differentiable Neural Computers
How to Use t-SNE Effectively
Gradient Descent Learns Linear Dynamical Systems
Towards deep symbolic reinforcement learning | the morning paper
Uncertainty in Deep Learning (PhD Thesis)
Code, Projects & Data
Keras.js Demos
Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient to play TORCS
Highlighted Research Papers
[1610.03017] Fully Character-Level Neural Machine Translation without Explicit Segmentation
[1610.02454] Learning What and Where to Draw
[1610.02357] Xception: Deep Learning with Depthwise Separable Convolutions
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