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1/ All Eyes On The French
Coming up this weekend will be the first round in the French Presidential Election. It is being promoted by international media as the next referendum on “right-wing populism.” If no candidate receives more than 50% (unlikely) of the vote, then there will be a runoff election. 
Currently, the top two likely to amass the largest vote tallies, are centrist candidate Emanual Maron, and far-right candidate Marie Le Pen. The interesting twist is that Macron is a former Obama campaigner, and Le Pen is embroiled in a scandal that her campaign is partially funded by Russia
John Oliver Explains Why the French Presidential Election Is More Important Than You Think
Le Pen loses ground to Macron in French election race: poll
A shootout in Paris on Thursday is also expected to have an impact on the already contentious election.
How the Paris police shooting could shape the French election
2/ Cable News In A Trumped-Up Political Climate
Profiled by the NY Times earlier this month, Jeff Zucker has transformed CNN into a platform that covers politics like it’s sports. In that, a lot of context has gotten lost and even more impacted might be the real journalists that work for the network.
CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It.
CNN treats politics like sports — and it’s making us all dumber - Vox
Additionally this week, Fox News’ biggest name split ways with the network amid a sexual harassment scandal.
Bill O’Reilly Is Forced Out at Fox News
3/ Going Where The Wind Blows
Pointing out the Trump’s hypocrisies has become a favorite of every internet commentator, but the first 100 days of his presidency has also established the first flip-flops of his policy positions.
Remember how Trump’s surrogates said during the campaign that a Clinton presidency would be too hobbled by the ongoing FBI investigation to govern effectively? Instead, we’ve gotten a Trump presidency tainted by an FBI investigation of several of his top campaign aides. During the campaign, Trump beat on Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen with the baseball-bat fury of Joey Ramone. “To a certain extent, I think she should be ashamed of herself,” he said. That statement is now inoperative, replaced with the “I like her, I respect her” statement he gave to the Wall Street Journal. Reappointing her to the Fed is not outside the realm of possibility.
Donald Rodham Clinton
4/ Shifting White House Power Structure
Reports of the President waffling on whether or not he supported his controversial political strategist Steve Bannon sent the media into a frenzy about Bannon’s future and what that translated to for the shifting direction of the Trump administration.
It’s important to keep in mind, that Trump is the master of sleight of hand in the media. If we are reading these headlines, he wants us to be reading them - and we’re probably being distracted from news coverage the President would find less favorable. 
It Doesn’t Matter If Bannon Stays Or Goes. It Matters Whether Bannonism Does.
New Power Center in Trumpland: The ‘Axis of Adults’
5/ How To Not Be Hacked
We live in a complex digital world, that demands you stay informed of current security standards. It can get really technical but you only have to keep one thing in mind: If It seems funky call the official customer service line.
PSA: This spoof Apple site illustrates the sophistication of today’s phishing attacks
Remains Of The Week
What happened when ‘Pizzagate’ came to my restaurant
Trump has already spent almost double Obama's annual travel budget.
Alex Jones And The Dark New Media Are On Trial In Texas
Covering distance with drones
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