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This issue missed the queue on Friday because I was too excited to show off the new branding! 🎉 Reach
April 17 · Issue #15 · View online
This issue missed the queue on Friday because I was too excited to show off the new branding! 🎉 Reach out to me on the official WYM twitter and let me know what you think! Like what your reading? Sharing is caring :)

1/ Congressional Special Elections Coverage
Surprise for everyone who thought you got to escape elections for the next two years. Last week was the first of a handful of special elections scheduled over the next three months. 
What you’ll hear most Democrats say is that these are referendums on Trump, just like 2010 was one for Obama. That election is notorious for being the largest defeat for democrats in nearly 80 years (since the Great Depression) - largely powered by the emergence of the Tea Party and a widespread pushback on the Affordable Care Act. The missing context here is that Democrats controlled both chambers of congress and the White House, and had no problem passing sweeping health care reform without a single Republican vote.
This week Kansas’ 4th Congressional District held an election to replace Mike Pompeo who is now the Director of the CIA. Ron Estes won 52% of the vote holding the seat in Republican control.
One tweet from each perspective of what those results mean for the Trump referendum:
2/ North Korea Tests A Nuke (and #fails)
Officials were anticipating “something” from North Korea as this last weekend included the holiday “Day of Sun” in honor of the founder of the country.
North Korea's attempted missile launch fails, U.S. officials say
3/ Pokemon Go = Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
To the countless of friends of mine that made jokes about a video game curing obesity, this one’s for you.
Study finds Pokemon Go players are happier, friendlier
4/ Aliens On Saturn
Okay not really, but the potential for bacteria which still counts as biological signs of life. From the article:
Similar hot spots are also found in the oceans of Earth and are home to lots of deep-sea creatures. They’re known as hydrothermal vents; you can think of them as underwater geysers that form along ridges or openings in the sea floor.
NASA finds more evidence that the ocean on Enceladus could support alien life
5/ Instagram Tops Snapchat For The First Time
Facebook can stop copying Snapchat features, they’re finally winning.
Instagram Stories tops 200M daily users, now bigger than Snapchat
Remains of the Week
Russian hacker Pyotr Levashov arrested in Spain for alleged links to US election hack
MOAB, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used by the US military, explained
Tom Brady Super Bowl jersey thief investigation
Check if Your Home Router is Vulnerable
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