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April 3 · Issue #12 · View online
1/ Former Trump Advisor Asks For Immunity
You might remember a certain Michael Flynn resigning from the White House in February after it was revealed he lied to the Vice President about his phone calls with the Russian ambassador (an accusation VP Pence fiercely disputed on TV). What was odd - was that the Trump administration knew he lied, for at least 3 weeks prior to him finally being fired/resigning..
And now, the man so famous for his chants to “lock her up” or his statements on how immunity proves guilt… is now offering “his story” so long as he doesn’t have to go to jail for anything in that story. Some wonder if this is him trying to save his own skin, after it was revealed he was being paid by both Russia and Turkey while working for the Trump campaign and Trump Administration. Others are hoping it signals a turning point in the Russia investigations, that maybe Michael Flynn now has a bit of a chip on his shoulder after being the first high-level staffer to get the can.
Michael Flynn's immunity request is hypocritical but not an admission of guilt
2/ Why Do American Citizens Keep Getting Detained?
After being arrested for a drug charge that he pleaded guilty for, US Citizen Rony Chavez Aguilar spent 2 weeks in jail for the offense. The problem is when he was supposed to be let go - Police didn’t believe he was a citizen and transferred him to Immigration Enforcement, where he was held for nearly 3 weeks without being able to see a judge.
This is what happens when you govern slopy.
American Citizen Trapped in ICE Jail
3/ Brexit Is Officially Officially Happening, Finally
Yes, they took a vote, and yes it’s been like… a year since that happened. But last week Theresa May and the UK government finally accomplished enough due diligence to send a formal letter to the EU, triggering the 2-year exit.
Theresa May fires starting gun on Brexit with pledge to get the right deal for 'every single person 
in this country’
4/ Elon Musk Is Terrified Of AI - And Wants To Beat It With Cyborgs
He’s famous for his sometimes lonely crusade against Artifical Intelligence, for fear we may one day end up in a Terminator movie. However, he’s got a plan - instead of creating machines as smart as humans, we will infuse them together.
This sounds scary at first, but it might be the only chance humanity has to create a relationship with our rapidly progressing technology - that renders AI incapable of turning on us primitive humans. We are likely still a few decades away from the day we are plugging chips into our brains or having robotic butlers, but the decisions we make in the next few decades has the potential to determine the future of human existence.
Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse
5/ The Olympics Will Finally Be Broadcasted Live
It’s about damn time!
NBC's 2018 prime-time Olympics coverage will air live on the West Coast
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