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Sometimes you forget to send out your email newsletter for a few days... and it turns into a few week
March 27 · Issue #10 · View online
Sometimes you forget to send out your email newsletter for a few days… and it turns into a few weeks. 🙈 Sorry about that!
I want to try a new schedule - a recap of news that deserves your attention every Monday and Friday. Tweet me what you think about it.

1/ Republicans Walk Away From Healthcare Reform
Members of the Freedom Caucus (aka the tea party conservative Republicans) were the primary holdouts as the time drew down on a self-imposed deadline to hold a vote in the House. 
Trump Hits Brick Wall of Bureaucracy
Quote of the Day from Politico’s playbook, about what the future of the GOP looks like from the inside after a governing party falls flat on it’s face on it’s first swing:
Source: The Atlantic
Other notes on how it broke down - I heard republicans blame a combination of a short timeline, loose focus, and competing interests as the primary reasons. Something more than 25 House Republicans held out on the bill, and now the White House has claimed it’s time to move onto other issues like tax reform, and hoping that letting an already failing healthcare system crumble will not be “their fault.” 
Where does Trump go from here? Quite possibly back towards the middle, from Axios’ AM Newsletter:
Source: Axios AM
2/ Updates on the Russia Thing
A lot has happened in just the last few days.. let alone the week. 
Here are the 3 links that caught my eye this weekend:
FBI-led investigative team examines role of conservative news sites in Russia campaign
Russia's state news service applies for White House pass
Putin meets Le Pen, denies French election interference
3/ Treasury Secretary Not Worried About Automation
It’s like.. totally no big deal you know. Tech is really slow to make advancements and disrupt industry. We’ll have pleeeenty of time to deal with it.
Tech community "dumbfounded" by Mnuchin's dismissal of AI impact on jobs
4/ What Really Happened With That Trump Promo Tweet
Everyone (raises hand) thought was a secret dig at Paul Ryan. A tweet from @realDonaldTrump promoted Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro’s show on Saturday night, which she called for the resignation of Paul Ryan as speaker of the house… The deets:
Via Axios Sneak Peak
5/ Something Nerdy
New research has given psychologists enough confidence to call the human species “domesticated” - in a sciency way. And because of this, being friends instead of enemies (on a global scale) is really the best way to survive (instead of that Darwinism thing).
No, Evolution Is Not Always Dog-Eat-Dog
6/ Shoutout to Arman Nobari
A good friend of mine and artist - who just had his artwork shown on the main stage of EDM Fest Ultra Miami. He drew Kygo, and the video played as the opening for the set. NBD
Click for video
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