By Anthony Gibson • Issue #9

1/ Trump's Wiretap Allegation Adds Fire to Already Chaotic Washington
A recap of how one Trump’s latest attempt to deflect media attention from stories he doesn’t like, might just be backfiring on him:
An incendiary idea first put forward by right-wing radio host Mark Levin is now burning across Washington.
2/ Wikileaks Dump: CIA Can Hack Just About Anything
Important to note that the leaks show the CIA might have the tools to hack even your iPhone, but not necessarily break the encryption of certain apps:
A new leak hints at the spooks’ digital arsenal, from iOS and Android to Samsung smart TVs.
3/ Trump White House Might Keep Paris Agreement
More disputes within the White House, on Climate Change of all things.
Stephen K. Bannon is pushing for the United States to exit the 2015 deal, but Rex Tillerson and Ivanka Trump see a grave downside in pulling the rug out from under allies.
4/ Chance the Rapper: Independent Musician, American Hero
5/ Nintendo Switch The Next Big Thing
I had a chance to play with the switch over the weekend, it’s seriously the coolest video game experience I had since the N64. 
If you’ve had a hard time finding a Nintendo Switch at the store, there may be good reason for that. The Friday through Saturday sales for Nintendo’s latest con…
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