By Anthony Gibson • Issue #6

1/ The Friday White House Press Gaggle That Didn't Invite "Fake News"
In an unprecedented move the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hosted a press gaggle on Friday without extending invitations to CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, Politico, BuzzFeed, and the BBC:
The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Politico were also excluded.
Bret Baier of Fox News pointed out that this backfired on the Obama Admin when they forgot to invite Fox News on one instance:
And for those wondering the difference between a “press briefing” and a “press gaggle:”
Via Poynter
2/ Introducing The New Leader Of The Democrats
The former Labor secretary immediately moved to unify the party by naming Keith Ellison as his deputy chairman.
3/ Congressional Districts Where Democrats Will Be Targeting in 2018
Don’t expect Bernie to be helping campaign here either.
4/ Understanding Reason (Or Trying To)
An interesting read about the science behind reason, the quote that stands out:
This lopsidedness, according to [studies by] Mercier and Sperber, reflects the task that reason evolved to perform, which is to prevent us from getting screwed by the other members of our group. Living in small bands of hunter-gatherers, our ancestors were primarily concerned with their social standing, and with making sure that they weren’t the ones risking their lives on the hunt while others loafed around in the cave. There was little advantage in reasoning clearly, while much was to be gained from winning arguments.
5/ The Password Of Tomorrow Is Your Voice
And you might have already interacted with the first versions of it.
We could soon use sound-based fraud detection to unlock our cars, or keep our Alexas from being hacked.
6/ Even Glenn Beck Is Worried About Steve Bannon
As a long time listener of Glenn Beck, I consider him to be one of the few conservatives that I can at least trust to give an honest opinion and perspective (even though sometimes I don’t entirely agree with it). So when I see these headlines, they really stand out:
Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck said Thursday that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s “economic nationalism” agenda is not conservative.
7/ The 'Facebook Ads' Link That Didn't Make It Into the Last Newsletter
Sorry about that!
Many publishers have trouble making money off Facebook videos — this could change that.
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