An evening newsletter today rather than a morning one. Some days it happens :)
By Anthony Gibson • Issue #4
An evening newsletter today rather than a morning one. Some days it happens :)

1/ The Biggest Conservative Conference Of The Year
Today kicks off the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) aka the biggest conservative event of the year. Surprisingly dominated by millennials.
A few of the stories that caught my eye today:
White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, in a rare public appearance, outlined President Donald Trump’s agenda Thursday before an enthusiastic crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Not going to help Mark Zuckerberg’s standing at Burning Man either.
Leading conservatives from across the country can’t seem to figure out what to do about the alt-right, a movement with close ties to both white nationalists and the White House.
2/ What You Missed Last Night: DNC Leadership Debate
Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend, Indiana - Took his “millennial” status in stride and was the strongest candidate in the debate, IMO. Keep an eye out for him.
Democrats are days away from choosing a new party leader in a race that will help determine how to fight President Donald Trump. But to get there, they also are revisiting the bitter split of the 2016 presidential primary.
3/ Political Commentator Alan Colmes Passes Away
One of my earliest political memories was watching Hannity & Colmes. I usually didn’t agree with Alan, but he was intellectually curious and honest, which I deeply admired about him.
Fox News Channel’s Alan Colmes has passed away at age 66 after a brief illness.
4/ What Happens When You Try To Digitally Ditch Trump
Coverage of President Trump may eclipse that of any single human being ever. I discovered several truths about our digital media ecosystem when I tuned it out.
5/ "People are putting their politics aside and working to fight bigotry together"
They launched the campaign after 180 gravestones were toppled at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery just outside of St. Louis, Missouri over the weekend.
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