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February 21 · Issue #2 · View online
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1/ Introducing The Lost Continent Of The World
Scientists from the Geological Society of America claim to have discovered a new continent “about two-thirds the size of the country of Australia, and 94 percent is underwater”
New Continent Zealandia Is Discovered Underwater | The Huffington Post
2/ End The Tip Wage
This will likely make it to a post on the Echoboomers blog, because it makes absolutely no sense why the tip wage is still a thing. Courtesy of FiveThirtyEight:
3/ More Alternative Facts
Pulling this from a conservative blog to give full weight to the ridiculousness, that has come from the President’s latest public speaking engagement:
Everybody Heard About The Terrorist Attack In Sweden Except Sweden, Apparently | RedState
4/ McCain v. Trump Draw Battle Lines
Senator from Arizona John McCain has never been one of Trump’s biggest fans, but he’s entering new territory this week by invoking the D word:
‘That’s how dictators get started’: McCain criticizes Trump for calling media ‘the enemy
5/ Stephen Colbert Speaks His Mind, Finds More Fans
How Stephen Colbert Became Late Night’s King of Trump Resistance
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