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What's on Weibo - Issue #37

There are lots of new trending topics on Chinese social media lately relating to the legal aspects of
April 11 · Issue #37 · View online
What's on Weibo
There are lots of new trending topics on Chinese social media lately relating to the legal aspects of love and marriage. How will alleged changes in China’s marriage law affect women, for example, is a question that has been making its rounds on Weibo. Is it okay for Chinese pop singer Zhang Muyi to announce his marriage to Akama Miki, whom he has dated since she was only 12 (video in oversight)? And is it wrong for couples to ‘fake divorce’ to evade property taxes? In today’s story, the majority of netizens don’t think so.
Another topic that stands out amid online discussions recently is that of the suicide of three different university students. Although many (English-language) media link the story of Gao Yan to the “#Metoo Movement” in China, most people online say this is about academic exploitation in China.
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Manya Koetse (@manyapan, editor-in-chief What’s on Weibo)

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