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August 20 · Issue #16 · View online
What's on Weibo
One topic dominated all trending topics lists on Chinese social media this week, and it was not the Olympics or Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui. It was the nasty divorce of Chinese film star Wang Baoqiang and his wife Ma Rong. Forget about Brangelina - this topic was viewed over 5 billion times on Sina Weibo. What’s on Weibo published two articles about the issue. 
Another update is that of Pokemon Go arriving in Taiwan and creating some chaos and business opportunities. We also visited Beijing’s coolest hot pot restaurant; the world’s first digital self-service hot pot supermarket/diner. Besides that it is mouthwatering, it just really shows how China’s rapid digital developments are influencing traditional businesses. 
Have a good weekend, 
Manya Koetse (editor-in-chief What’s on Weibo)

Hot Pot Paradise? This is China’s First 24/7 Digital Self-Service Hot Pot Supermarket | What's on Weibo
Betrayed and Divorced: Chinese Film Star Wang Baoqiang Caught Up in Love Scandal | What's on Weibo
Wang Baoqiang's Weibo Marriage Crisis: (Ex) Wife Ma Rong Strikes Back | What's on Weibo
Getting on the Pokémon Bus: Taiwan's Booming Pokémon Go Business | What's on Weibo
China's E-Learning Revolution: The 10 Hottest Chinese Online Education Companies of 2016 | What's on Weibo
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