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Your Daily AI Research tl;dr - 2022-07-26 🧠

Your Daily AI Research tl;dr - 2022-07-26 🧠
By Louis Bouchard • Issue #28 • View online

Welcome to your official daily AI research tl;dr (often with code and news) for AI professionals where I share the most exciting papers I find daily, along with a one-liner summary to help you quickly determine if the article (and code) is worth investigating.
1️⃣ Face Deblurring using Dual Camera Fusion on Mobile Phones
A novel face deblurring system based on the dual camera fusion technique for mobile phones. While the main shot is low noise but blurry (Figure above (a)), the reference shot is sharp but noisy (Figure above (b)). The model fuses these two shots to unblur the face.
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2️⃣ Approximate Exploitability: Learning a Best Response
A scalable search-based deep reinforcement learning algorithm for learning a best response to an agent, approximating worst-case performance.
🆕 Looking for hands-on experience and a cool project?
Why not join my friends at aggregate intellect and their working Group on ML in Weather forecasting. Starting 30th July!
Our friends at aggregate intellect will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the theory behind two state-of-the-art models for weather forecasting: FourCastNet by NVIDIA and NowCasting by DeepMind and learn how to incorporate physics-based knowledge in ML forecasting models using NVIDIA Modulus platform. This is a really cool project and we are convinced will benefit many of you.
Why join?
  • You’ll get an immersion into that community & walk out with some cool new friends.
  • Learn and get hands-on experience on Forecasting
  • Contribute to a repository that will be seen/used by many
  • Potentially publish an article on the topic
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