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This is a newsletter so you can stay up to date with what Kyle's been writing, doing, and will get up to soon!

This is a newsletter so you can stay up to date with what Kyle's been writing, doing, and will get up to soon!

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The Herald of the Apocalypse... Keys!

THE HERALD! The Herald is very much "what if we take the King in Yellow, and give them a narrative arc about being torn between cultures"? It is a very personal arc, in many ways, as it is... mine. A manifestation and exaggeration of my experience learning th…


What Kyle's Been Writing! - Issue #7

The Janus Den! Fresh, new, decadent and slimy! It's an incursion/adventure made to be used with the Trophy Gold RPG. Descend into the depths of an abandoned town and find its decadent beating heart. Face off against the lingering spirits of those lost in the …


Knowing Revenge of the Grasping Gods is GOING TO PRINT!!!

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Cardboard Monster, Knowing Revenge of the Grasping Gods, my system agnostic adventure of defying the deities of your world, is heading to print with YOUR help! Slowfunding takes people's pledges and, when a specific numbe…


They Who Hunt Monsters Hunters[New Game Release]

You are a magnificent creature of legend, a Beast of Myth … and you do not want to die. Unfortunately, this world is full of rabid hunters who are not willing to give you a moment of peace. So every day is a battle to survive, fighting to defeat those who wou…


Idols? In MY Cyberpunk Game? It's More Likely Than You Think!

One of those things I associate now more than ever with cyberpunk is virtual/artificial performers, and dingy jazz bars with former stars. CY_BORG, from the minds behind MORK BORG, has finally released to backers! It is, however, lacking slightly in the "griz…


Hop To It - Duty Hare is Now Released!

As part of the Together We Go jam, I've made my first ever OSR game called Duty Hare! It's me poking fun at Task Rabbit and the adventurer life, and is a cheeky little game which allows folks to play not-so-eager Leporids doing odd jobs for strange people. Fo…


End of the Line is part of Tiny Tome!

End of the Line was one of my first games with original mechanics, and thanks to the wonderful folks at Long Tail Games it is now part of the Tiny Tome collection, which is Kickstarting RIGHT NOW! Tiny Tome will include End of the Line Classic along with 49 o…


What's Happening In February!

MORIAH is my TTRPG about sacrifice, loss, and hope, directly based on the themes of Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai, and the mechanics of LISA and Soul Sacrifice. It's about pilgrims ascending a holy mountain, in order to petition the gods for leniency in…