WFM Weekly - August 22, 2021 - Work Disrupted, Rapid Reskilling, California Workforce, Strategically Virtual



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WFM Weekly - August 22, 2021 - Work Disrupted, Rapid Reskilling, California Workforce, Strategically Virtual
By Workforce Monitor • Issue #27 • View online
Hi Everyone:
We have bounced back to our regular schedule and content development efforts after a four-day power outage that set us back on August 12 through 15.
We are also pleased to announce that President Emeritus, American Public University System, Wallace Boston accepted our invitation to join the Workforce Monitor Research Partner Program.
We continue to work hard at developing summaries and feature articles that help to define the broad landscape of workforce education. Please feel free to contact me anytime with story suggestions or if interested in submitting articles.
Best regards,
George Lorenzo

New Content:
Work Disrupted: Analyzing and Planning the Future of Work
Realizing the Potential of Rapid Reskilling: Practitioner-Informed Policy Considerations and Commitments 
for Short-Term Credentialing Programs
Improving Career Education Pathways in California’s Workforce
Strategically Virtual: Implementing Job Search Services in a Virtual Environment
Editors' Picks
Skills, Degrees and Labor Market Inequality | NBER Working 
Paper Series
With Learners, Not for Learners: A Toolkit for Elevating Learner Voice in CTE | Advance CTE
Workers, in Demand, Have a New Demand of Their Own: A Career Path | The New York Times
Bridging German and US
Apprenticeship Models:
The Role of Intermediaries
Long Life Learning with Author Michelle Weise | Trending in 
Infection Control Curriculum for Community Colleges | CDC Project Firstline
Will That College Degree Pay Off? New Report Measures 'Return on Investment' of Various College Degrees | The New York Times
A New Pathway for Working Adults?The Key Podcast | Inside Higher Ed
Which College Programs Give Students the Best Bang for Their Buck? | Third Way
Advancing Workforce Equity Reports | National Fund for Workforce 
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