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Wellness - Issue #35

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Brain and body science to help improve the mental, physical, and overall well being for the busy entrepreneur.

Hey folks,
We’re on our second to last issue for the year! Wild, right?
I find the biggest benefit to the demarcation of the end of the yearly calendar is that we have the opportunity for deep reflection. Days really are just days, and we ascribe meaning to what Monday is, what each month is, and so on. So in light of these illusions, setting aside time to look back at the year past and project into the year ahead is an immensely powerful practice. Use the link below for an easy and insightful guide.
As a reminder, the Q&A is this Friday 12/17 at 3pm EST. I’ll send out the link the day prior with a reminder. If you can’t make it, I’ll have the replay posted up. We’re already at max capacity for questions, so if you have any others that come up, I’ll be sure to go over them next month. Adding the form below just in case.
Have a most splendid week, y'all.

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