Healthy Happenings from Wellbeing@KSU - Nov. 1-14



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Healthy Happenings from  Wellbeing@KSU
Healthy Happenings from Wellbeing@KSU - Nov. 1-14
Fall is in full swing. Enjoy the cooler weather and get some fresh air! Here are the healthy happenings in November. Download the printable calendar at the bottom of this email.

Fall into Fitness Challenge
Have you considered quitting smoking, vaping, or smokeless tobacco products?
Write and Be Well - Expressive Writing Workshop Fri. Nov. 5, 1 pm (Online)
You've Been Hooked! ACT Workshop Tue. Nov. 9, 10 am
HIV and Hepatitis C Testing Nov. 9 & 18
ATOD Paint Party Thur. Nov. 11, 12 pm
Wellness Tips
Why being “sober curious” is the latest self-care trend
Click the image to download the calendar
Click the image to download the calendar
Counseling for KSU Students
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Healthy Happenings from  Wellbeing@KSU

A comprehensive health and wellbeing program to support you with options and tools so you can achieve your full potential in college and beyond focusing on the holistic you.

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