Upcoming Crowd Sale: In Dreams + 4 more games!



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Upcoming Crowd Sale: In Dreams + 4 more games!

Hey, friends! A quick update about our upcoming Crowd Sale for In Dreams. Read on for more info about the In Dreams launch, which will be simultaneously launched with 4 other games!
Each of the games is described below. When we have a firm date for the Crowd Sale, where you’ll be able to buy physical copies of all these games, we will let you know!
We’ve had a bit of a delay in production from The Game Crafter; our designer copies for In Dreams — and all the other games below — might not arrive until late May. This is disappointing, but Jamie and I are planning to use the time to pull together an expansion of some sort.
Some 18-card expansions we are considering:
  • Fantasy-themed decks with creatures, items/treasure, weapons/armour, etc
  • A sci-fi deck
  • A cyberpunk deck
  • A steampunk deck
We’d love to hear which you’d be most interested in!
Cafe Rush
Cafe Rush is a fast-paced game, heavily inspired by Dutch Blitz. The rules fit on the back of the box; it’s very easy to pick up and play.
Cafe Rush: Table for Two is a standalone 2-player version, which can also be added to the 4-player core game to expand it to 5-6 players.
Coats & Hats
Coats & Hats is a 9-card game for two that is surprisingly thinky. Nailing a sweet combo in this game is incredibly satisfying.
BONUS: because of the fact that cards are printed 18-to-a-sheet, and the rules are printed 2-to-a-sheet, this game costs exactly the same to get two copies. So if you buy Coats & Hats, you’ll get one copy to play and one copy to give away! 💛❤️
Card Shark Pool
I made Card Shark Pool because I thought it would be ridiculous to even attempt to make pool into a card game.
I wanted to capture the feeling of pool in a quick, light card game that didn’t involve calculations of complex angles and endless tables and charts. You’ll need 3 six-sided dice, but that’s it.
This would make a great gift for that pool player in your life who also happens to like card games. 🎱
ExoBase is my first passion project. My goal was to make a card-based worker placement game that had a different progression every time you played, since building the board is part of the game. I also wanted to make a game that felt like a big-box game in a tiny package.
If you like tableau-builders and worker placement, definitely check it out.
If you’ve played any of the above games, I’d appreciate if you could rate them on BGG (the images link to their BGG pages). More ratings will help — I’m not asking for a high rating, just an honest one!
Thanks for hanging out with us!
Keep playing,
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