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🌊 Tides reprint! 🐚

Button Shy is running one of their reprint campaigns right now. If you missed out on getting Tides the first time around, now is your chance to pick it up! The games are going for a discounted price. I'm thrilled to have enough people want the game to warrant…


48 hours left in the ExoBase crowd sale

This sale has exceeded my expectations... I thought I might get 50 copies sold, and we're coming up on 200 now, with 2 days left to go — 368 games all together as of this writing, including Coats & Hats and Card Shark Pool. Wow!I really appreciate all you…


🎉 Crowd sale now live 🚀

I won't take up any more of your time; I'm sure by this time you've already decided if you want to get in on this sale or not. Thanks for putting up with me! 🧡 The link is below. If you know anyone who might be interested, I (and everyone else who orders a co…


Crowd sale starts tomorrow, 8:30am CST!

The sale starts tomorrow; here's the link again. That's all! 😅


🚀 ExoBase Crowd Sale is coming May 24th!

These three games will be on a significant discount from their regular price, and because of the way Crowd Sales work, even more discounted if lots of people buy them! Along with that initial discount, for every 10 people that buy a copy, the price of that ga…


Designer copies have arrived!

Currently the plan is to release these in stages... here's the order that these games will be launching:


Upcoming Crowd Sale: In Dreams + 4 more games!

Hey, friends! A quick update about our upcoming Crowd Sale for In Dreams. Read on for more info about the In Dreams launch, which will be simultaneously launched with 4 other games!Each of the games is described below. When we have a firm date for the Crowd S…


✨ In Dreams v1.1 now available - We Heart Games Newsletter - Issue #1

We've been hard at work on making new cards, and tweaking the artwork for the existing cards. Version 1.1 has 18 new prompt cards, for a total of 36. We have also included our first-ever Event deck! It includes 9 cards for now; each with 3 events. Our goal is…