Weekly Focus by n-ost

By Weekly Focus by n-ost

A weekly focus on one European topic brought to you by the international journalist network n-ost.

A weekly focus on one European topic brought to you by the international journalist network n-ost.

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The “Is Europe back on track?” Train Edition 🚂

Unless you’re invested in scouring the internet for ticket discounts on foreign-language railway websites and change trains every few hours on your way to another country, traveling across the continent by locomotive most likely isn’t as convenient, affordabl…


The “United or Divided?” Euro 2020 Edition ⚽

Plagued by COVID-19, the Euro 2020 provided a sense of as much normalcy as it could this summer with Italy emerging victorious over England at the finals in Wembley. As always, the Euro demonstrated nationalism and internationalism, unity and division — altho…


The “Rainbow, Goat and Stadium” Edition 🌈🐐🏟️

Happy pride month. Europe’s LGBTQ community has faced a lot lately following the new anti-LGBTQ legislation in Hungary and a disappointing decision by UEFA to stand its ground about the “rainbow stadium” in Munich. Now, Poland is already dropping hints that i…


The “What’s NATO’s future at its Eastern border?” Edition

Looks like NATO has been resurrected from the “brain dead.” The transatlantic committee leaders met at their annual summit in Brussels last week to discuss the alliance’s new 2030 agenda.NATO, founded in 1949 at the start of the Cold War, was formed to respon…


The “Europe's Role in Vaccine Inequality” Edition

Do you remember when Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, promised that the COVID-19 vaccine would be “our universal, common good”? That was in April 2020. As I write this, 0,1 % of people in low-income countries are fully vaccinate…


The “Deeply Concerned” Belarus Edition

The German word “Realpolitik” is often used when it comes to explain the pragmatic and moderate sanctions practice of mostly Western EU countries towards dictatorships in Europe's East. This cold rationale sets supposedly realistic boundaries and limits for a…


The “Ge_nd:er/ed lang*uagǝ in Europe-ka” Edition

Have you ever had an argument with someone about how male-dominated your native language is? For example, when it comes to describing professional titles? Well, you are certainly not alone. Many societies all over Europe are debating the topic of gender-inclu…


The "What's China up to in (Eastern) Europe?" Edition

Sometimes the eas(t)iests solutions come from China. While many Europeans (including the publishers of this newsletter) are still scratching their heads over the proper definition of “Eastern Europe” today, China’s answer is as simple as old-school: The regio…


The "Under pressure, together" Press Freedom Edition

Have you already gotten used to hearing about killings of journalists inside the EU? About reporters and editors getting fired or even imprisoned due to political pressure in the middle of Europe? To the news of governments buying their way into leading media…


The “Europe really has a housing problem” Edition

Chances are good that you're reading this newsletter inside your own four walls right now. ‘Staying at home’ seems to be no longer an act of social solidarity, but a routine gone stale. Many European bedrooms have turned into workplaces, universities and kind…


The "Déjà vu at the Russian-Ukrainian border?" Edition

We all know what déjà vu is, but have you ever heard of its opposite, “jamais vu”? This psychology term, meaning “never seen”, describes the feeling of experiencing something for the first time, despite rationally knowing that you’ve been in the same situatio…


The "Exit Visa out of our Nightmare?" Covid Passport Edition

Consumed by constant updates of our countries’ lockdown measures, death tolls and races to vaccinate, it’s been easy to adopt single-country tunnel vision and forget how events in Europe traverse national borders. The “Digital Green Certificate,” (DGC) propos…