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Get the week's best Apple news, reviews and how-tos from Cult of Mac.

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Hey Siri, save me some money

I've been using HomeKit for years, and I didn't realize you could use Siri to schedule one-off automations. It just never occurred to me.It makes perfect sense if you're forgetful, though. A simple command like, "Hey Siri, turn off my space heater in 20 minut…


Will Apple's car be this crazy?

Apple isn't the only company working on the car of the future. And, unlike Cupertino, other potential players aren't afraid to show off their biggest blue-sky ideas.Just look at the mind-bending innovations in our roundup of crazy concept cars from CES.Tradit…


How to crush your New Year's resolutions

If you want to start 2022 off right, Apple Fitness+ is a winner.I'm certainly no gym rat, but I find the service's selection of workouts interesting and engaging. I particularly enjoy the 10-minute core workouts, which are pretty easy to squeeze into my day. …


I spy iPhone and AirPods

We're certainly not recommending that you conduct a Christmas spying operation.However, if someone wanted to gather some intel on what's under the tree, this week's top how-to could yield some tasty yuletide tidbits.Really, though, it's all about shedding lig…


What's new in iOS, macOS and more

Apple rolled out a variety of updates this week, adding new features to devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.Our lead stories tell you what to look for -- and what not to -- after you update all your gear. (We've also got some how-tos…


Apple TV+ sci-fi is ready to binge 🛸

Perhaps my biggest gripe about Apple TV+ is the fact that it releases most of its shows in dribs and drabs.I understand why. Apple wants to serve up fresh content each week to make the streaming service seem vital. And Cupertino probably thinks it's cooking u…


How to use iPad's secret calculator

Apple devices are easy to use -- that's one reason we love them. But they also pack features that you might never know existed.Like, for instance, the calculator functions built into iPads. Use the tips in this week's top how-to post to access this "secret" f…


A hot MacBook Air mod + deals on Apple gear and accessories

You can make an M1 MacBook Air almost as fast as its more-expensive Pro sibling with a surprisingly simple DIY mod. Sound impressive? And maybe enticing? You might be thinking it could make for an interesting weekend project. But for a couple of reasons, we c…


Dear Apple: Please fix AirPods firmware updates

If there's one thing about AirPods that isn't magical, it's the frustrating (and willfully murky) process for updating the earbuds' firmware.In our lead story this week, Cult of Mac writer Ed Hardy lays out a simple plan for how Apple could turn that around.E…


Apple TV+ thriller 'Dr. Brain' will get inside your head

If you're not watching Dr. Brain, the new Apple TV+ show about a neuroscientist who devises a way to communicate with the dead, you're missing out.The South Korean sci-fi thriller from director Kim Jee-woon is energetic, engaging and original. We're only two …


Confessions of an AirPods virgin

If you've been using AirPods for a while, it's easy to forget just how magical Apple's wireless earbuds are. They fit right into the Apple ecosystem -- and the more Apple gear you use, the more magical they seem.Cult of Mac writer Ed Hardy found all this out …


New MacBook Pros: The scream dream is real!

Now that the new MacBook Pros are landing in people's hands, the laptops' unbridled power looks absolutely astonishing.Reviewers love them. Benchmarks and specs show they blow away the old Intel-based MacBook Pros. And they even deliver the goods when it come…


R.I.P. Touch Bar; hello, next-gen MacBook Pro!

Despite all the talk about those screaming new MacBook Pros (and the crazy-fast M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that power them), we didn't hear much this week about another major change coming to Apple's high-end notebooks.No, not the old-school ports the laptops' n…


iPad mini and Apple's next 'big things'

The new iPad mini is perfect for lots of tasks. But is it right for you? Cult of Mac reviewer Ian Fuchs -- a longtime fan of the tiny tablet -- takes the latest model for a spin in this week's top post.And then there are the "big things" Apple promises to unv…


Assessing Steve Jobs' legacy

The biggest Apple story of the week happened 10 years ago, when Steve Jobs died and left the tech world stunned and shaken.We've got several stories about his legacy, including Cult of Mac founder Leander Kahney's essay on how Jobs injected his best instincts…


Apple TV+ and iPhone 13: Shooting for the stars

A stunning episode of Foundation. A seriously Pixar-ish sci-fi short called Blush. A new show from Jon Stewart. A wild episode of The Morning Show. And yet another compelling performance on Truth Be Told.It's been a great week for Apple TV+. Nearly two years …


iPadOS 15: An awesome disappointment

iPadOS just keeps getting better -- and more disappointing.In his bittersweet review of the brand-new iPad operating system, our writer Killian Bell lays out all the ways Apple continues to raise the bar for tablet software. But he also laments the fact that …


All about this week's Apple event ... and the next one

I know what you're thinking ... we just finished one Apple event, and already you're talking about the next one?!?Well, yeah. If you're curious about what a Mac-dominated October event might bring, read our top story.If you want all the news out of this week'…


What to expect from iPhone 13 ... and 14?!?

Around the Cult of Mac office, we're getting hyped about Tuesday's big "California Streaming" event. The iPhone 13 lineup is bound to be the star of Apple's show (although we'll likely see lots of other new hardware as well).Read our top story to see what we …


Why a folding iPhone might be coming soon

You might be fondling a folding iPhone sooner than you think.Waiting until a nascent technology becomes viable, then weaving it into a breakthrough iPhone model, is a time-tested Apple move. And in this week's top story, Ed Hardy runs down the clues that indi…