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Get the week's best Apple news, reviews and how-tos from Cult of Mac.

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Exclusive: Apple Watch Explorer Edition mockups

We got so tired of waiting to see a ruggedized Apple Watch that we cooked up some mockups that show what the long-rumored device might look like.Our Apple Watch expert Graham Bower thought long and hard about how Cupertino might craft the Explorer Edition for…


Master the Siri Remote

If you find yourself stymied by Apple TV's updated Siri Remote, our new in-depth guide will save you some frustration. It explains exactly how -- and where -- that puzzling scroll wheel works.I hope the handy how-to makes your weekend streaming a little more …


Hands on with iOS/iPadOS 16 + WWDC22 wrap!

What a week! As usual, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference gave us a rather thorough and exciting glimpse at where iOS, iPadOS and macOS are headed. (watchOS and tvOS, not so much.)To wrap things up, we've got all our WWDC22 coverage, plus hands-on post…


What to expect at WWDC22

Some people don't get too excited about the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference -- the event's name does sound kind of dry, TBH.But if you're an Apple fan, you really should get stoked for the annual event. This year's version kicks off Monday with a keynot…


The secret to better selfies

I always wondered how Graham Bower, Cult of Mac's expert on Apple Watch and all things fitness-related, managed to take such fantastic photos to illustrate his helpful how-tos.Now I know his secret: He uses the Apple Watch's built-in Camera Remote app.Well, t…


🦕 Brace yourself for dino week on Apple TV+ 🦖

Doesn't everybody love dinosaurs?Apple TV+ hopes so -- it's unleashing the beasts Monday in a five-part limited series called Prehistoric Planet. New episodes will appear daily, pairing flashy CGI and beautiful nature photography to provide a fascinating look…


What's next for Apple? 🔮

This year's Worldwide Developers Conference is just around the corner. If you're not familiar with the event, it might sound kind of boring. But in reality, Apple's annual WWDC keynote lays out the company's highest priorities for the coming year.Come June 6,…


iPhone Studio will make you 🤤

Around the Cult of Mac office, we just love ogling wild Apple concept art. Whether it's goofy/nostalgic Apple car designs or possibly legit VR headset renders, it's fun to imagine what future Apple products might look like.This week, we got a kick out of conc…


AirTag one year later: A re-evaluation

Today marks the first birthday of AirTag, Apple's tiny tracker that makes it easy to locate lost keys, bags and other items.After spending a year with the Mentos-shaped tracking tags, our reviewer Ed Hardy takes a look at how AirTag evolved -- and what the fu…


You'll really connect with this iPhone tip

If you're not using location sharing on your iPhone, you're missing out on a very useful feature. And even if you are, you might not be getting all you can out of this powerful, time-saving tool.Our top how-to this week shows all the ways to use iPhone locati…


Best use yet for an old MacBook 🤣

It's not exactly breaking news, but the week's most popular story on Cult of Mac shows a DIY MacBook trick we haven't seen before.I'm not going to say any more about it -- just take a look at the video if you want some weekend fun.Also this week:Don't miss Gr…


Apple TV+ is turning into a hitmaker

Ted Lasso wasn't a fluke.Apple TV+ scored its first big hit with that screwball sports comedy, but now it's got not one but three simultaneous winners on its hands:Severance, a weird, sci-fi-tinged thriller that just wrapped its mind-wiping first season (and …


Buying guide: Best monitors for Macs

If you picked up one of those scorching-fast Mac Studio desktops, you're going to need a monitor. Apple's Studio Display is an obvious choice (and the teardown shows it's a lot more sophisticated than you might think).But if Apple's $1,600 monitor isn't right…


Old Macs, new Macs ... and 'Pachinko'!

Take a love of Apple computers ... add an obsession with hunting down vintage gear ... and finish with a fascination for getting ancient software and systems up and running.That's the tech trifecta that fuels the interesting hobby of collecting classic Macs.I…


👍 or 👎 ? First Apple gear reviews are in.

The early reviews are pretty great across the board for the new Mac Studio and iPad Air 5. The new Studio Display and iPhone SE 3, on the other hand, elicit a few complaints.We rounded up the best reviews (and latest news) about all these new Apple products t…


Peek Performance = Maximum Macintoshing

Looking in the rear-view mirror, it’s clear that the last 10 years weren’t the best for the Mac. Apple released a long succession of Macs and MacBooks that were just OK. Some were better than others, but overall the Mac was characterized by a quixotic march t…


What to expect at Apple's March 8 event

Next Tuesday's Apple event is almost certain to bring a new iPhone SE and an updated iPad Air. But there are other possibilities as well.If you don't mind spoilers, our lead story will give you a decent idea about what to expect. (Don't worry, Tim Cook will d…


End the Safari tab madness!

If you're anything like me, you've got a bunch of Safari tabs open right now. Like, way too many.Granted, you're probably not as bad as Cult of Mac publisher Leander Kahney, who once opened 650 tabs just to test the M1 MacBook Air (and routinely pushes the li…


How to make AirTag safe(r)

I love the AirTag. It's a fine little tool for keeping track of things like car keys, backpacks, wallets and purses. Unfortunately, some creepy criminals figured out Apple's tracking tags work pretty well as tools for stalking and theft, too.Apple already rev…


iPad vs. iPad, Wordle hacks and more

If you're in the market for a new iPad, we feel your pain.There are just too many options!Actually, that's not true. But there are so many models -- each with their own special allure -- that you can find yourself wondering which tablet is right for you.Our i…