Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely

By Joseph Solomon

Curated expert tips and resources to help freelancers win. 🌎 💻

Curated expert tips and resources to help freelancers win.
🌎 💻

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How to master client meetings - Issue #22

As a freelancer, client meetings can be nerve-wracking, confusing, and a waste of time. It's even worse when you start getting client meetings regularly and they don't lead anywhere. All that time and effort wasted on unproductive meetings 😣 Here's are 4 ways…


The upside of working with non-Western freelance clients - Issue #21

In my experience as a content marketer and agency owner, high-growth companies in Eastern Europe or Latin America often struggle with finding quality freelancers.These high-growth businesses hailing from regions in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe of…


3 ways to deal with late-paying clients - Issue #20

Death. Taxes. Late Freelancer Payments.Late payments will unfortunately always be a reality for freelancers around the world. Some clients will ghost you for a week or two after you submit the final invoice.Others will pay you months after you've ended your c…


3 tips on getting more done with less- Issue #19

I'm a big believer in the philosophy of "less is more." You can do a lot with what you currently have. As a freelancer, it's easy to be distracted by the constant barrage "must-read" Twitter threads full of shiny growth hacks for your business. It's easy to b…


Freelance Wins chats with Samantha Anderl, Co-founder of Harlow - Issue #18

In this issue, I had the pleasure of catching up with Samantha , co-founder of Harlow. We discussed key lessons from her freelance career, why she decided to build Harlow, and how she plans on empowering freelancers with their day-to-day operations.Read the f…


You're an equal partner, act like it.

Growing as a freelancer requires you to change your mindset around your relationship with your clients. To command higher rates, work with better clients, and constantly do work that excites you, you've got to think and act like a partner. This means understa…


Plan for the unexpected to win in 2022 - Issue #16

We're almost through the first month of 2022.Yup.Just like that.Anyway, I hope you had a safe and restful holiday season with your loved ones.I really hope you took some proper time off to recharge!I'd like to kick off this issue with a quote attributed to Be…


Your habits shape your success as a freelancer - Issue #15

Ah, the holiday season is upon us.As we all frantically finish projects, book vacations (If Omicron lets us?), and plan for the year ahead, we should reflect on the habits and routines that either helped us break through or stagnant in 2021. As I look back on…


Next time you pitch a client, try this (Cold Email) - Issue #14

Looking to switch your pitches up? Here's a cold email sample that a friend and fellow freelancer shared with me in one of our check-ins: {Compelling Subject line} Case Studies and whitepapers at {X company} {Email body} Hi {Contact’s First Name}, I’m reachin…


Your story is your "X Factor" - Issue #13

Your unique story is the "X factor" in your freelance business. It's how you differentiate your services and business from the others. It's your secret sauce and something that NO ONE on earth can replicate. Leveraging that unique blend of experiences, knowl…


Winning in freelancing requires professionalism - Issue #12

This shaky type of communication extends beyond reminding clients about late payments. When you use feeble phrases, you're subtly communicating to your clients that you're unsure about your services, pricing, and general freelance business. Look, there's no s…


Don't neglect your personal creativity - Issue #11

1 question for you. Are you making enough time to explore your creativity? Hit "reply" and let me know :)


Relative Expertise - Issue #10

Mastery is something different. LeBron James is a master of his craft 🏀, same goes for Serena Williams 🎾, and Marcus Miller 🎸In my experience, most freelancers are not masters of their craft, myself included. I don't know everything there is to know about wri…


What freelancing is vs. what it isn't, how freelancing is changing the world, overcoming loneliness as a freelancer, - Issue #9

Until next time ✌️-Joseph


Marketplaces, getting started as a freelance writer, and 6 pieces of advice from a pro) - Issue #8

If you're thinking about getting started as a freelance writer, there's no such thing as "the perfect time". Stefanie from CopyBlogger breaks down, and hopefully encourages you, to start your freelancing writing biz today:


6 places to find remote freelance work this week, Linkedin, and retainers - Issue #7

Linkedin can indeed be a cringe-fest with its eye-roll-inducing, unsolicited long-form stories and disingenuous comments. It can also be an excellent place to find quality clients if you know what to do. Here's a great breakdown of how to use Linkedin to land…


Freelancing in the YOLO Economy- Issue #6 🤷

The "YOLO economy" has galvanized people to prioritize their health, improve their personal relationships, and take inventory of what's truly important in their lives. It has also inspired many to quit their jobs, jump into risky business ventures, and make r…


How do you define success anyways? (Issue #5)

What could I be doing wrong? How are these 7-figure freelancers pulling clients in so easily? What's their secret? Am I ever going to "make it?" The internet is full of 7-figure freelancers and online business gurus.It's a place where people go from broke to …


How being proactive gets you high paying clients 💰

One of the biggest factors that separate successful freelancers from the ones who struggle is proactivity. Want a cheat code for freelancing? Be proactive. Let's take a closer look at the definition of proactive. pro·ac·tive (prō-ăk′tĭv)adj.Acting in advance …


Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely - Show, don't tell

I touched on the concept of "show, don't tell" in the last issue but it deserves a closer look.One of the reasons I thrived early as a newbie freelance copywriter was because I demonstrated to prospective clients my ability to write well.I had a blog (now def…