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You're an equal partner, act like it.

You're an equal partner, act like it.
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #17 • View online
Growing as a freelancer requires you to change your mindset around your relationship with your clients.
To command higher rates, work with better clients, and constantly do work that excites you, you’ve got to think and act like a partner.
This means understanding that you’re not just another writer/designer/SEO specialist, etc.
You’re an equal, trusted partner that brings skills, expertise, and professionalism to help your clients grow.
Understand and embrace the full value you can offer your clients.
Let’s say you’re a freelance writer for SaaS companies.
Old mindset: I’m just another writer.
New mindset: I’m an experienced content strategist that uses powerful content marketing to increase brand awareness and lead quality that will grow my client’s revenues month-over-month.
Notice the difference?
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