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The upside of working with non-Western freelance clients - Issue #21

The upside of working with non-Western freelance clients - Issue #21
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #21 • View online
In my experience as a content marketer and agency owner, high-growth companies in Eastern Europe or Latin America often struggle with finding quality freelancers.
These high-growth businesses hailing from regions in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe often get overlooked by freelancers, because many freelancers aren’t aware of the upsides of working with non-Western businesses.
(Western denotes Europe, North America, and Oceania/Australia).
Here are 3 upsides of working with non-Western businesses as a freelancer:
1) Lower competition for client acquisition.
I’ve acquired clients from overlooked regions just because I was the only one to pitch them! Of course, you’ve got to back it up and consistently provide value for the client, regardless of where they’re from.
2) You can earn more. Much more.
In 2022, profitable businesses can be based anywhere. The rise of remote work, no-code tools, and bootstrapping are leading to a growing segment of profitable startups looking to grow sustainably with a talented freelance partner (That’s you!).
The same goes for venture-backed companies. A global, more competitive venture capital ecosystem means more VC money is flowing to burgeoning regions around the world.
You can take advantage of this by running searches on Crunchbase, finding out recently funded companies from your preferred region (s) in the world, and pitching prospective clients with your services.
3) You tap into a bigger network of prospective clients.
I’ve worked with a client who runs multiple startups at the same time. Because he appreciated my work for one of his companies, it was a no-brainer to get me to work on his other businesses too. All of a sudden, one client becomes two. If you find yourself in this position, there are so many ways to upsell/cross-sell/bundle services, etc.
When you work with businesses in countries like Latvia or Vietnam, you can benefit from the relatively smaller startup ecosystem in those places. Founders in those countries often know each other, share opportunities, or like in my case, they run multiple businesses in parallel. If you do great work as a freelancer, you position yourself as the go-to freelancer for your services.
I’ll leave you with this quote from Advertising legend, Dave Trott on unorthodox success:
“Not by being better, or tougher, or faster, or smarter, or richer, or better educated than other people.
Not by trying to beat other people at their own game.
But by looking at other people and thinking "What aren’t they doing?”
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