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Relative Expertise - Issue #10

Relative Expertise - Issue #10
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #10 • View online
“How can I start freelancing without any experience?”
I see this question floating around social media often.
Here’s what I think about “having experience” as a freelancer:
Freelancing is about relative expertise.
Relative expertise is knowing more about a subject relative to whom you’re interacting with.
Here’s an example to better illustrate this point:
As a copywriter, I know more about writing high-converting sales copy than the clients who solicit my services (Unless they’re copywriters too, lol).
My relative expertise in copywriting is more than enough to help my clients achieve their business goals.

Corey Wilks, Psy.D. 🤘
@thisiskp_ If only people understood that expertise is relative, and that expertise doesn't equal mastery.

I'm considered an expert in psychology, but by no means do I think I've mastered it.

Too many people suffer from imposter syndrome because they're expecting mastery.
Mastery is something different. LeBron James is a master of his craft 🏀, same goes for Serena Williams 🎾, and Marcus Miller 🎸
In my experience, most freelancers are not masters of their craft, myself included.
I don’t know everything there is to know about writing online. I do know enough to help my clients grow their businesses!
I believe that very few people ever master anything in their lifetime.
And that’s ok.
So, how do you become a relative expert?
1. Prove that you actually know something.
2. Offer Help.
3. Continue Building Your Skills.
Over to you! What do you think of the relative expert concept? I’d love to get your take on it!
Hit “reply” and send me your thoughts :)
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