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Next time you pitch a client, try this (Cold Email) - Issue #14

Next time you pitch a client, try this (Cold Email) - Issue #14
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #14 • View online
Looking to switch your pitches up?
Here’s a cold email sample that a friend and fellow freelancer shared with me in one of our check-ins:
{Compelling Subject line}
Case Studies and whitepapers at {X company}
{Email body}
Hi {Contact’s First Name},
I’m reaching out to see if you need someone who can help you create compelling, data-driven case studies that are reinforced and complemented by strategic marketing plans that are sure to grow {Name of Company}.
Over the last 8 months, the market research and industry analyses I’ve created have helped clients save over $100,000 in their media strategy.
After a quick diagnostic of your website, I can already identify some changes that are sure to help increase sales, some include:
  • - {tip #1}
  • - {tip #2}
  • - tip #3}
I’d love to share an example of some of my research that helped a client discover an untapped market opportunity and generate 228% more web traffic in less than a week.
If you’re interested, I’d be happy to share more of my experiences on a 15-minute call.
Here’s a link to my calendar {insert​ calendly ​link. This is optional but it goes a long way in showing the prospective client that you’re serious}.
Best regards, -{your name}
  • {Optional space to add a PS. This is great to link the client to a portfolio of work or another relevant link}. 
Go ahead and try this cold email pitch out. I’d love to know how many responses you get from it!
Until next time ✌️

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