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How to master client meetings - Issue #22

How to master client meetings - Issue #22
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #22 • View online
As a freelancer, client meetings can be nerve-wracking, confusing, and a waste of time.
It’s even worse when you start getting client meetings regularly and they don’t lead anywhere. All that time and effort wasted on unproductive meetings 😣
Here’s are 4 ways to help you run your client meetings efficiently and to win more business:
1) Underpromise and overdeliver.
Overestimate (within reason, of course) the time and resources you need to complete a project. Don’t say you can finish a project in 3 days if it will actually take you a week. Going back to the client with “uhh, actually I need more time” isn’t very professional, is it?
It’s better to say the project will take you a week but then you get it done in 3 days!
2) Set the agenda.
You’re a professional and a valuable partner to your clients. Be the person running the meeting and give your clients a “preview” of the meeting. You can use a variation of this script for your next client meeting:
“Hey, Client Name,
Thanks for your time today. To get the most out of our 30-minute call today, I’ve come up with the following 4 points to discuss:
Point A
Point B
Point C
Point D
After that, we can clear any issues up and close with action items for the week. Is that reasonable?”
3) Ask questions.
The best conversationalists are the best listeners. Dig into your client’s main pain points and truly understand the transformation they want to achieve. Here are some good questions to ask.
4) Follow up.
The magic happens in the follow-up. Clients are people too, so sometimes they need a friend to get back on track with your project. More importantly, proactive communication is a mark of a professional and a trusted business partner.
Until next time ✌️

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