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How do you define success anyways? (Issue #5)

How do you define success anyways? (Issue #5)
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #5 • View online
When do you “make” it? 🤔

What could I be doing wrong?
How are these 7-figure freelancers pulling clients in so easily?
What’s their secret?
Am I ever going to “make it?”
The internet is full of 7-figure freelancers and online business gurus.
It’s a place where people go from broke to luxurious living (via IG, of course) in the span of months.
And you can learn how to do it too. You just have to buy the course ;)
It’s easy to get lost in the get rich quick schemes and to be drawn by the allure of a “rich life”.
I had a conversation with a friend about the
All it does is agitate the nagging feeling that your freelance business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like it to.
That you’re lacking.
That your freelance biz isn’t good enough.
That you’re not good enough.
annnnd down the rabbit hole you go…
I’d like to think there’s no gold standard for “making it”.
For some, making it means earning an extra couple hundred/ thousand dollars a month with freelance work while working full-time jobs.
Some want to make $10K/month and replace their full-time jobs.
Some want to build empires.
It’s all valid and you should pursue what’s best for you.
Start by answering these 2 questions:
“Why am I working on this?”
“How will this help me live a happier life?”
We all have different lives, different goals, and different ideas of what a successful life is.
I’d love to hear from you. Where are you in your current freelance journey? Is it a side project? Are you freelancing full-time? Let me know :)
Until next time ✌️
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