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Freelancing in the YOLO Economy- Issue #6 🤷

Freelancing in the YOLO Economy- Issue #6 🤷
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #6 • View online
Becoming a freelancer doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind and “rage quitting” your job.
You can ease your way into it and build your freelance biz on your time.
Whether it stays small or you build an empire, it’s up to you.
I wrote about defining success in your freelance journey in the last issue. Check it out here!
The COVID-19 pandemic helped freelancing and remote work go mainstream. It also, unfortunately, brought back one of the cringiest terms of all time —YOLO.

The “YOLO economy” has galvanized people to prioritize their health, improve their personal relationships, and take inventory of what’s truly important in their lives.
It has also inspired many to quit their jobs, jump into risky business ventures, and make risky moves without a strategy.
My advice?
Ease into it.
Especially if you have dependents and other responsibilities.
Here are some actionable tips on freelancing successfully in the YOLO economy:
  • Don’t rush and quit your job just because “everyone” is doing it. If you do quit, make sure that you have 6-12 months of living expenses saved up.
  • Start small and allocate 4-5 per week on freelance work. That’s about an hour a day. Pro tip: Use a Pomodoro Timer to maximize concentration when working on your freelance biz.
  • Join freelance communities and ask for help. There’s a lot of uncertainty and nerves that come with freelancing. You don’t have to go at it alone. You’re reading this newsletter, so, good start! Here’s where you can find more communities.
  • Be consistent. It’s not going to be easy balancing a job, a growing freelance biz, and other responsibilities. Put it on the calendar, embrace a routine, and stick to it.
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