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Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely - Show, don't tell

Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely - Show, don't tell
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #3 • View online
Show, don’t tell.

How to make your pitch stand out:
I touched on the concept of “show, don’t tell” in the last issue but it deserves a closer look.
One of the reasons I thrived early as a newbie freelance copywriter was because I demonstrated to prospective clients my ability to write well.
I had a blog (now defunct) that I worked on weekly, I had relevant samples ready and my portfolio was updated.
These were all assets I could use to show clients my writing ability.
All that the pitch needed to do was point to relevant work and relay the message that I was the best choice for them.
This concept isn’t just limited to copywriting. This is applicable to virtually any freelance discipline.
To properly apply it in your next pitch, here are some tips:
  • Research your client and get a better understanding as to what they need. What is their most pressing need right now?
  • Focus on the client’s needs. In other words, what can you do for them? How will your work help them make more money, get more exposure, create a positive brand association, etc?
  • Keep it short. A short intro, some ideas you have for a potential partnership, and a compelling call to action. It doesn’t have to be complicated.
Until next time ✌️
PS: My team and I are working on deeper dives into things like client research, crafting persuasive emails, landing high-paying monthly retainers, and more. These deep dives will be exclusive to the paid membership. You can sign up for that below!
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