Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely -A Proper Pitch



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Freelance Wins by We Do It Remotely -A Proper Pitch
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #2 • View online
Here are two pitches that landed me over $20K in 6 months.
I broke them down to help you apply the lessons so that you can land $10k or more in the next couple of months.

Open this in a new tab and zoom for better visibility :)
Open this in a new tab and zoom for better visibility :)
The takeaways:
  • Notice how I mention the client’s name at the greeting. It’s not “Dear X” or “To whom it may concern,“ I took the time to find out the client’s name and made my pitch very personal. 
  • It’s not a boring, typical, cut-and-paste cover letter that a lot of people send out en masse to thousands of potential clients. It’s lively, funny, and centers the client. 
  • I mention specific results.
Pitch #2
Pitch #2
The takeaways:
  • The client put on the freelance job posting that they wanted an expert copywriter to provoke conversations with their content (Notice how I repeated that sentence word for word in my first line. 
  • You may think it’s not a big deal, but simply reiterating something a client says can be the difference. Why? It shows that you pay attention to detail and that you understand what they’re looking for. 
  • I provided a few examples of the type of content that would suit the client’s needs. Most people simply talk about what they can do for the client but they never actually show it.
I hope you apply this is your next client pitches and look forward to hearing about your results :)
Until next time ✌️
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