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3 tips on getting more done with less- Issue #19

3 tips on getting more done with less- Issue #19
By Joseph Solomon • Issue #19 • View online
I’m a big believer in the philosophy of “less is more.”
You can do a lot with what you currently have.
As a freelancer, it’s easy to be distracted by the constant barrage “must-read” Twitter threads full of shiny growth hacks for your business.
It’s easy to be distracted by the newest all-in-one freelance management tools that promise to solve all of your freelancer woes.
The appeal is understandable.
You feel like you’re working on your freelance business by occupying yourself with shiny, new objects related to your business.
Of course, you should have a nice website, a functional marketing funnel for your biz, and a great all-in-one freelance management (I’m a fan of Bonsai!).
Don’t obsess over this stuff.
Protect your time.
You can do a lot with very limited resources if you use your time wisely.
Here are 3 tips to grow your freelance business with the resources you have right now:
1) Put relevant samples/your portfolio on a simple Carrd website or These low-cost websites have plenty of sleek, professional-looking pages to host your portfolio so that you can start promoting it to prospective clients.
2) Take a look in Google Drive and see if there are any samples you can clean up and send to prospective clients.
Spend 10-15 minutes tailoring those samples to prospective clients and fire away.
This alone could have you booking client calls within the next week.
3) If you don’t have samples, block off a couple of hours this week to get some samples together. The key to good samples is clearly showing the client that you can help them with their goal.
For example,
If you’re a copywriter, your samples should show an understanding of emotional writing and storytelling to convert customers.
If you’re a designer, your samples should showcase an understanding of key design principles such as balance, alignment, and hierarchy.
Remember this:
“What can I do to grow my freelance business with the resources that I have now?”
Until next time ✌️


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