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250 officers to be deployed at Greek-Turkish land border!

Hello there,The time that severe storms swept across the country causing extreme floods and homes' evacuations, Greece says it will increase the number of border guards on the country’s border with Turkey, over fears of increased migration from Afghanistan.Le…


Crisis is not over!

Hello there,October reserved revelations both locally and at European level. Solomon's long investigation on Ilias Kasidiaris, former leader of the neo-Nazi criminal organization "Golden Dawn" and his attempts to be elected MP once again, behind bars, is now …


Is Greece the road to heaven?

Hello there,Since 2020, millions of euros have been granted by the EU to the Greek government for the construction of new restrictive centres such the one in Samos island that you read last week. At the same time in Lesvos island, an estimated, 3,500 people -…


The newly opened facility in Samos island.

Hello there,Greek authorities transfered asylum seekers from the Vathy camp on Samos, to a newly opened facility. The new centre is the first of five new EU-funded facilities to be established on Leros, Lesbos, Kos, Chios as well as Samos. Meanwhile, Greek re…


Inefficient system | New Camps | Rescue's criminalization

Hello there,The Greek government has so far effectively blocking human rights oversight and criminalizing rescue activities by NGOs. Minister of Migration and Asylum Notis Mitarakis has suggested that no civilian search and rescue operator could have a legiti…


Afghanistan at the forefront of world news

European Union states are determined to prevent uncontrolled migration from Afghanistan following the takeover of the country by the Taliban. EU governments are eager to avoid a repeat of the chaotic influx of refugees and migrants in 2015.The UNHCR appealed …


Kabul blasts | Rejected asylum seekers | Border forces on alert!

Dozens of Afghans and many US troops have been killed while dozens of others wounded, medical sources and US officials have said, after two powerful explosions took place outside Kabul’s international airport.Few days earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadi…


Taliban's BLITZ | Europe's MOVES | World's THOUGHTS

Hello there,The Taliban, a militant group that ran Afghanistan in the late 1990s, have again taken control. Back in 2001, the US-led invasion ousted the insurgents from power, but they never left the country. The government that has ruled Afghanistan for 20 y…


Greece is burning!

Wildfires have erupted in many parts of the country amid Greece's worst heatwave in more than 30 years, tearing through swathes of forestland, destroying homes and businesses and killing animals.In many places people are forced to evacuate. Also detention cen…


ERROR! Missing people | Missing award | Missing humanity

July, at its very end, left behind marks and proofs that this state has a long way to go in order to meet dignity and respect for the people. The Greek ministry of Migration and Asylum reacts, through twitter, to the rescue operation off the coast of Lesvos, …


Survey | Pushbacks | Silencing journalists


Frontex FAILURE. Drastic changes within the EU-agency

Hello there,The EU border agency has failed to protect the human rights of asylum seekers, according to a condemnatory European parliament report on the organisation. After a four-month investigation by MEPs the report’s author, Tineke Strik, told the Guardia…


Container with dead | Petitions | Vaccinations

Hello there,Today you can have a look at what's going on outside the morgue's entrance at the University Hospital of Alexandroupolis where a container is used for the preservation of unidentified bodies.Also, Amnesty International has launched a petition, dem…


Alentejo's Region Labour Conditions | Arrests & Rejections

Hello there,Alentejo region in Portugal, historically known for the production of grains, is one of the main areas undergoing rapid agricultural intensification. In order to meet the growing need and the market’s low prices, the country is often, and increasi…


Pushbacks , Violence and Greece's Border Policy

Hello there,In April 2020 Amnesty International and many others documented how, in the midst of escalating political tensions with Turkey, Greece systematically used “pushbacks” and committed other human rights abuses to prevent people from entering the EU. M…


World Refugee Day 2021 | Migration Policy

Hello there,The 2021 World Refugee Day has just dawned and the timeliness remains quite intense. Turkey sounds a safe country to the Greek State but so far forty organizations co-signed a call on the Greek and European authorities to honour their responsibili…


Manolada's insights | Safe Turkey | #FreeTheMoria6

Hello there,This week found us with some detailed insights on migrant land workers in Manolada. A long read, picturing events from 2007 till today and a photo essay, both capturing the truth. Let me tell you that Turkey is designated as a safe country for asy…


New legislations | New Vaccinations | New camp in Samos

Hey there,A new legislation package was presented by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum at a cabinet meeting on 31 May and set to be submitted to parliament. According to local media: “The bill will seek in particular to increase the number of deportations”…


Surveillance drones | NGO registries | Integration vs Border protection

Hey there,Surveillance drones and high concrete walls are among the amplified security measures set to be introduced in 39 camps across Greek mainland and islands largely funded by the EU. Also, magnetic gates with integrated thermographic cameras, X-ray mach…


Domestic servitude | The sudden influx in Ceuta | Refugees' manipulations

Hello there,Scenes from Spain’s Moroccan enclave dominate the weekly news with large numbers of migrants crossing the border.In Greece, pushbacks are a daily issue while the country becomes once again, the topic of discussion internationally.Here's what happe…