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❓What Masafarhána is❓

❓What Masafarhána is❓
By Aristea from Solomon • Issue #41 • View online
👉The forgotten feeling of home🏡
Ιt is estimated that there are at least 20 masafarhánas in Athens today, where refugees pay to live in. They are small apartments which accommodate up to 22 people.
#Solomon, during the past two pandemic years, got access to shared apartments that host refugees in Athens, Greece, and conducted multiple visits and interviews with tenants and the people in charge.
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As if the situation in the country is not tense enough, children are now going missing and cases of human trafficking and exploitation are being reported at a time when at least 2.5 million refugees are trying to escape fighting.
“The risk of trafficking is considerable, as the refugees, exhausted and deprived of any basic comfort, are, with every new day on the road, more and more vulnerable. We believe traffickers and recruiters are most probably targeting both women travelling alone and women travelling with children,”
said Monika Molnárová, from Caritas Slovakia’s stop human trafficking team.
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Masafarhána: Inside the invisible refugee houses in Athens
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Zaina Erhaim
Dear foreign journalists covering the #UkraineInvasion please remember:
1.Local journalists are not your free of charge fixers, if you are asking for their sources include their names in the bylines next to yours
2. The security of the locals are more important than your story
Lindsey Hilsum
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How journalists handle the most horrifying images from the war in Ukraine
IPI-The Global Network for Independent Journalism
#Russia:🗨️"It is a ruthless attack on independent voices. The whole media industry is destroyed. We have very few islands of resistance”

Leading journalists Galina Timchenko & Kirill Martynov discuss how Russian media are navigating a dangerous new world.
Q&A: Understanding Europe’s response to Ukrainian refugee crisis
Week in Review: The World Turned Upside Down
Ukraine: Unequal Treatment for Foreigners Attempting to Flee
Food security implications of the Ukraine conflict (March 2022)
How The New York Times Verifies Reporting on the Ukraine War [Subscription box]
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