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Washington, D.C. - Techstars Launches Washington DC Program

Techstars is finally launching a Washington DC City Program focused on diverse founders and open to all! The Techstars Washington DC Powered by J.P. Morgan accelerator will run this fall and the application deadline has been extended to June 1. Apply now usin…


Washington, D.C. - Engage With Mentors

Mentor meetings are opportunities to address challenges and gain insights that could change the course of your company. In this section, you will learn techniques for holding productive mentor meetings and optimizing interactions to move your business forward…


Washington, D.C. - Navigate Cofounder Relationships

One of the biggest factors that break up a company is the cofounder relationship going south. Featured Thought Leader Nicole Glaros, Partner & Chief Investment Officer at Techstars, has helped cofounders develop a strong communication framework to get thr…


Washington, D.C. - Master Your Pitch

Your pitch is your moment to shine. How can you inform and entertain while still communicating and reinforcing the belief that you are a low-risk high-return investment for this investor. You need to show that you know your audience, that your data supports y…


Washington, D.C. - Entrepreneurship & Mental Health

Highly driven and successful people often suffer from mental health problems, too. Brad Feld, Cofounder of Techstars and Managing Partner of Foundry Group, describes his experiences with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and their impact on him pe…


Washington, D.C. - Check Your Progress

Many startups mistake the activities and outputs of their work as outcomes, which is dangerous. You need to make sure that you finish tasks against your goals to make progress. It is easy to fall into the habit of doing work without getting any results. You n…


Washington, D.C. - Make Progress With Goals

Dreams need to be grounded in reality if your plan is to make them work. To make progress, we need to set and take strategic steps, which requires us to identify objectives and expected key results, and to establish and write goals.These are just a few of the…


Washington, D.C. - Grow Your Business With KPIs

At this point, you must establish how you plan to measure your success and build value for your customers and your business. This part will look at value and growth indicators, and will help you understand how to apply them to your own business.These are just…


Washington, D.C. - Get More Done

When you start a business you sign yourself up to be challenged and stretched in ways you never imagined. This endeavor will teach you about your strengths and weaknesses, and it will show you where you need to reach out and get assistance so you can continue…


Washington, D.C. - Give Your Elevator Pitch

Thirty seconds maybe all the time you have to get the attention and curiosity of an investor or prospective customer. This means you must be able to describe what customers you serve, the problem those customers have, and the solution your product provides.Th…


Washington, D.C. - The Power of Branding

Learn how to use the most powerful branding tools and techniques to elevate your brand equity and connect to your target audience. Featuring Thought Leader Chuck Pettis, President of Brand Solutions and former VP of Marketing at MakerBot where he helped them …


Washington, D.C. - Position Your Product

Your pitch is an essential tool to engage customers, as well as investors, employees, mentors, etc. It tells people why they should care about your business and want to learn more. Featured thought leader, David Mandell is co-founder and CEO of Pivot Desk (Te…


Washington, D.C. - Create New Markets With Category Design

Learn the tactics to execute on your Category Design Strategy. Featured thought leaders from Category Design Advisors Mike Damphousse and Kevin Maney, also co-author of Play Bigger book, will teach you how to use strategic Category Design to rise above your i…


Washington, D.C. - Understand Category Design

Learn how to create and dominate markets in any industry and define your own space. Featured thought leaders from Category Design Advisors Mike Damphousse and Kevin Maney, also co-author of Play Bigger book, will teach you how to use strategic Category Design…


Washington, D.C. - Understand Your Customers

You have to first figure out what the problem is, and not the solution. This means knowing and understanding the problem from your market’s point-of-view, what the problem going away looks like for them, and then building a solution to meet that view. This se…


Washington, D.C. - Build Your Lean Canvas

Get ready to take your initial idea to the next level with the Lean Canvas. This powerful tool will help you think through how to describe your business by looking at your customers, their problem, the unique value you and your team provides, your solution, a…


Techstars Startup Digest - Washington, D.C.

Monday 3/8: Celebrate International Women's Day!Tuesday 3/9: [Founders Institute] Pitch your Startup Idea to Washington DC Investors & Experts OnlineWednesday 3/10: [Startup Boost] Washington, D.C. (Pre-Accelerator) Info SessionThursday 3/11: [1776] Celeb…


Washington, D.C. Currents - June 2

-- We will not be silent.We stand with the black community and anyone who is fighting to end racial injustice. To all the entrepreneurial innovators and support organizations across the Greater Washington D.C. / M.D. / V.A. Region, we urge you to use your voi…