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⚡️🐻 Why exercise more?

👋 Hi, I'm Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber. Our
⚡️🐻 Why exercise more?
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👋 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber.
Our goal with Wakeout is to help the millions who don’t exercise (for whatever reason) to be a little more active. This email is designed to support you along that journey with tips, ideas, good reads and inspiring stories. Additionally, it’s to open a direct line of communication between us. 
Feel free to reply to this email with suggestions on how Wakeout can better serve you.
Hope you enjoy it. 🙏

The story of Benjamin
Many people have asked us who Benjamin is (the routine under the Bed Wakeouts).
A few weeks ago we got approached by a French woman who told us the story of her son Benjamin, an autistic child who used Wakeout every morning to be more alert. We worked with her and Benjamin to design a new routine that would be challenging yet fun at the same time. We removed the exercise that has you punching the pillow (too violent), and capped exercises at 30 seconds to make them more bearable. 
We launched the update two weeks ago, and since, Benjamin has been loving his routine. Benjamin has even contributed some great exercise ideas for future updates.
It’s people like Benjamin (and his awesome mum) that gets us up in the morning to keep on doing what we’re doing. Our aim with Wakeout is to create the most accesible exercise app possible to help people that don’t (or can’t) exercise with fun workouts you do anywhere. 
👉 If you have a challenging physical condition or a personal story you’d like to share, please email us (just reply to this email). Let us know how we can make Wakeout better suited to help you.
Schedule your exercise for a healthier life
A 3-minute routine can make a huge difference. Once you’re in the habit of doing a Wakeout every day, it’s easy to build up from there. That 3-minute routine turns into a 5-minute, then into 10 minutes, until being active is part of your life.
Every Wakeout category has a reminder feature on the header. Just tap it to set a time for when you’d like to remember to do a little Wakeout routine.
Don’t leave being active to chance, set some reminders for strategic times where you need it the most:
☀️ Start at 6:30 AM. Set the reminder with your usual morning alarm. As soon as the alarm goes off, open Wakeout from the reminder and start a bed routine in your pajamas.
🛋 Midmorning Routine at 10:30 AM. To stay energized, go sit at the office lounge and do a Wakeout on the couch. A quick 3-minute arms only Wakeout and a glass of water after should give you the boost needed to get through the day.
🍽 Post-Lunch Wakeout at 2:00 PM. Shake off after-lunch drowsiness with a Wakeout. I recommend the Productivity Booster routine, a 4-minute routine guaranteed to energize you for the rest of your work day.
🤓At what time do you Wakeout? And which one?
Write down why you want to be more active
We’ve all heard the endless list of benefits from getting a little exercise. But even these health benefits might not resonate with you personally. 
Write down how your life would change if you were more active and more fit. Here’s a few examples: 
  • Would you go out for a long walk with a loved one? 
  • Would you play more with your dog?
  • Would you start taking the stairs more often?
  • Would you go hiking on that legendary trail you dreamed of?
  • Would you walk to work instead of taking the car?
Write down what’s meaningful to you, personally, and stick it to the fridge so you see it every day. 😌
The easiest way to be more active: work standing up
There’s no debate: sitting all day is destroying your health. But even worse, it’s creating a lifestyle of inactivity. From sitting all day, it’s hard to change gears and work out.
Working standing up is now more accessible than ever with a “standing desk converter.” On Amazon you can buy one for as little as $50, and it’ll turn any desk into a standup desk. There’s no excuses.
Standing desk converter we like: UpLift Desk
🔥 Hot tip: we might be planning Wakeout routines for standup desks.
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What we're working on this week at Wakeout
👠 New foot exercises to relieve tension and stress
💪 Difficulty level adjustment setting
If you have a feature you’d like us to consider, just reply to this email.

⚡️💪🐻Have an awesome week!
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