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⚡️🎁 Wakeout 4.0 is here! (plus 3 free months)

⚡️🎁 Wakeout 4.0 is here! (plus 3 free months)
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #27 • View online
🔥 Today we’re finally launching Wakeout 4.0 (many of you have already updated, nice!), the result of months of hard work, hundreds of surveys, user interviews and feedback. It’s the easiest way to get more exercise! Update now!
🎁 In celebration of our launch, you can get 3 free months of Wakeout, fully unlocked for the next 24 hours. Just head over to Product Hunt, upvote Wakeout if you’d like, then see the comment section for instructions on how to unlock Wakeout —> Product Hunt
👫 New community! We’ve created an easier way for you guys to send us feedback, submit ideas and for us to post announcements and updates. Join here!
❤️ If you’re already a subscriber, thank you for your support! We couldn’t have done this without you. Wakeout 4 is for you, and boy do we have a lot in store. See details below:

Introducing Wakeout 4.0 — Tailored exercise
We’re excited to finally share the MAJOR update we’ve been working on. The result of hundreds of surveys, user interviews, thousands of reviews and many many tests—Wakeout 4.0
⚡️👉 Update now
Quick Summary of What’s New:
  • New location-based interface so you find the right exercise quickly
  • Exercise customization by mood and duration
  • Better reminder control
  • Keep count of how many times you’ve completed each routine
  • Almost 100 new routines
  • Fun new routine browser
  • Total redesign, new mascot and icon
The easiest way to get more exercise
Our mission is to make exercise something fun, accessible and easy to do, so you do more of it.
With this new update, we think we’ve finally achieved that.
Just select your location (7 to chose from, more coming soon), set your mood and routine length, and get active! It’s a joy to use, fits any situation, and actually makes you healthier!
We’re also introducing a “fun” category, for those times you want to get active and have a giggle in one go. It’s a great way to mix it up while staying active.
Improved reminder control
Many of you told us the reminders are very helpful to get more exercise. Today we’re introducing more control over which reminders you want to turn on or off. It works similar to iOS’s alarm app. Use the ones you want, turn off the ones you don’t. We still recommend 4 Wakeouts per day, but if you’re starting out, perhaps you only want one reminder (and that’s still awesome!).
Over 100 new routines, better way to browse routines
With more customization comes a wider selection of routines for every situation. We’re now testing a few new situations, like a Netflix binge break, and routines focused on reducing stress.
Additionally, our new routine browser lets you preview routines before you do them. You’ll also notice that we’re now keeping count of how many times you’ve completed each routine, so you know which ones you’ve done, and which ones you haven’t.
Tell your friends—There’s a free tier now!
Wakeout now has a free tier, no subscription required. This includes two locations with over 240 free exercises. Our goal is that as many people get the benefit of exercise as possible. The free tier allows us to reach the most people while still being able to achieve sustainable growth.
What's next?
We want to cover as many locations as possible where you can get a little exercise. This week we’re recording new locations for our premium subscribers:
  • At the beach
  • In a car (while you’re riding in an Uber or Lyft)
  • In an airplane (for those long flights)
Download Wakeout 4.0
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