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😱 The icon you voted for!

😱 The icon you voted for!
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #21 • View online
A couple of weeks ago we decided to let you, our customers, vote for the new icon. It’s your app after all, so we figured it was only appropriate to let you guys influence the look and feel. So the results are in, and the new icon is on!
But wait there’s more!
The redesign that many of you have been waiting for is now live! See below for details.

The new Wakeout app icon
This came as a surprise to us at Wakeout! The jumping, energetic bear won by an impressive margin. At Wakeout HQ our money was on the smiling face bear, but it only got 20% of the vote. Here’s the final results:
What we loved about the winning choice however, is that it revealed to us how many of you view Wakeout as an experience. The jumping bear is a symbol of energy and being physically active, but it also shows an elated mood during a beautiful day. It shows that you guys see Wakeout as an app to get energized, active and to feel great. And that’s exactly what our aim is.
Just update Wakeout and you’ll get the new app icon.
The redesign is live!
If you update Wakeout today you’ll find we’ve given Wakeout a new infusion of energy. Over 100 design assets were added, replacing all the old ones. Wakefield the bear has been redesigned so that he’s always bursting with personality.
The color palette was also updated: brighter greens and yellows, stronger shadows, and we added half a dozen new tones and colors so the entire app pops out of the screen.
It was pretty hard work, but it was worth it. It’s just our way of saying “thank you for being our customer.”
What's next?
This week and the next we’re filming new exercises! We’re planning on adding hundreds of new Wakeouts by the end of February (if all goes as planned). This is no small feat. We need to revamp our video delivery technology so that you can have access to hundreds of videos quickly without having to download them all.
To achieve this, we’re implementing streaming technology for on-demand delivery. This means once the new exercises are in, you just tap on the exercise of choice, and it’ll play instantly on the spot!
Stay tuned for more details.
Feedback and suggestions welcome
Our goal is to be the 5-hour energy of apps (but actually good for you). Every day we get closer to that goal, and your feedback is crucial to achieve this. So feel free to reply to this email with any requests, feedback and ideas you have. We read every single one.
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