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🚗⚡️ Preview of Car Wakeouts

🚗⚡️ Preview of Car Wakeouts
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #30 • View online

Soon you'll never see the inside of a car the same way again...
Get ready to make the back seat of a car your personal exercise space! Whether you’re in an Uber or a Lyft, carpooling or riding shotgun, you’ll soon be able to use that idle time to get active and burn a few calories.
Millions of people spend countless hours every week just sitting in the car while they get to their destination. This is making all of us really unhealthy and robbing us of valuable energy. Some studies even suggest commuting is seriously detrimental to your health.
At Wakeout, we’re here to break our vicious cycle of inactivity. Instead of double-tapping on Instagram, or checking the latest on Twitter for your entire Uber ride, take a minute or two to get active. We designed 52 exercises that are really fun, and will actually make you break a little sweat! Yea! We’re as surprised as you are cuz we thought that wasn’t going to be possible in such a confined space!
The Car Wakeouts will be available in the next week or two!
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