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💪⚡️ Power Wakeouts coming soon!

💪⚡️ Power Wakeouts coming soon!
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #22 • View online

10x the power per exercise snack
We’re very excited to share with you one of the many new Wakeout packs coming soon. As part of the over 300 new exercises coming to Wakeout, we create an awesome new pack called “Power Snacks.” It’s packed with the hardest, most demanding home exercises we could think of. Not only does it include some of the classics, like burpees and pushups, but we invented a ton of originals to keep it fun and engaging.
It features a half dozen burpee variations, a dozen never-before-seen squat variations (golf squat, baseball squat, the big bang, for example), and a bunch of fun movements that are both energizing and fun.
This is just a small preview of everything that’s coming soon. We’re polishing a new streaming system for super fast on-demand Waking-out! Once this update comes out, our catalogue of silly, weird, fun and energizing exercises will reach almos 700 exercise snacks and routines!
More previews coming soon!
Have an idea for an exercise pack that you'd love to have? Hit us up.
Our mission is to design fun ways to stay active no matter where you are. We’re committed to recording new workouts a few times per month moving forward. Other exercise packs that we’ve already recorded are:
  • Exercises on a park bench
  • Exercises you do on the stairs
  • Exercises you do while walking
  • Exercises inspired by animal movements (silly but hard!)
  • Office Yoga!
(previews in the coming days!)
We’re also in the design phase for snacks for students (use your backpack), for gamers, for golfers and for the passenger seat of a car.
👉 Where would you love to stay active? Let us know!
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