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⚡️ Need a boost? Take a break.

👋 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber. Our
⚡️ Need a boost? Take a break.
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👋 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber.
Our goal with Wakeout is to help the millions who don’t exercise (for whatever reason) to be more active. This email is designed to support you along that journey with tips, ideas, good reads and inspiring stories. Additionally, it’s to open a direct line of communication between us.
Feel free to reply to this email with suggestions on how Wakeout can better serve you.
Hope you enjoy it. 🙏

Coming Soon: Foot Wakeouts
We just finished recording over 65 foot exercises. These aren’t just for people who work at a standing desk or wear high heels all day. Foot stretches, massages and exercises are a proven stress reliever. We designed foot exercises to satisfy a variety of situations, from standing and walking fatigue, to high heel relief. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get these in an update for free soon.
How we design Wakeout routines
A lot of people have asked us how we come up with such a wide-range of exercises, so I’ll give you the inside scoop. 
Wakeouts are mini exercise routines you squeeze in at any moment. As such, we have a unique opportunity to tailor our workouts for a variety of situations. However, we generally design for these three situations:
  • A place or situation where people are often stressed
  • A place or situation where people get tired and need an extra boost
  • A place or situation where people have 5 minutes to spare to squeeze in a routine
Once we’ve identified an opportunity that could benefit from mini exercise routines, we spend a lot of time doing research, talking with experts, and interviewing people who suffer in these situations the most. From this research, designing the actual movements begins. Together with athletic coaches we put them to the test until we have a sufficiently large selection from which we can provide an exciting variety.
These three conditions alone have opened the door to planning a huge catalogue of Wakeout routines that we already have in the pipeline. Here’s a few ideas that we have in mind:
  • Airplane Wakeouts
  • Kitchen Wakeouts
  • Office yoga and stretches
  • Pre-bed Wakeouts
  • Bathroom Wakeouts (for those quick breaks)
  • Beach Wakeouts
  • Walking Wakeouts
👉 Reply to this email with your Wakeout ideas.
Take frequent, unplugged breaks to be more productive
Research shows that frequent breaks makes you more lucid, creative and thus, productive. It’s a common misconception that blasting through your work for hours on end is the best way to get things done. But this isn’t the case. Your brain, like any high-performance machine, tires after use. Taking a 10-minute break every hour is the best way to both stay more productive for longer, and to have higher satisfaction with your work.
👍 We recommend you walk outside the office or home for 10 minutes every hour and do a quick Wakeout to get the most out of your breaks.
Friends help you stay motivated
Exercise is socially contagious. Comparing and sharing exercise routines and results with friends pushes you to workout harder and more often, research shows. If you have the goal of becoming a more active person, sharing your workout schedule with a friend, comparing experiences and techniques helps you to stick to your goal. A workout buddy is key to your active lifestyle.
This research has inspired us at Wakeout to seriously think about the future design of Wakeout and how it could help you be more active and stay active day after day.
😌 So call up a friend or loved one today and make them part of your new active lifestyle.
The Panda Planner
We’re big fans of unplugging. The joys of using a physical agenda isn’t something many people know these days. There’s something visceral and powerful about putting pen to paper. It’s a personal connection between you and your thoughts, and when it comes to designing your life, there’s nothing more fitting. Check it out: 
What we're working on at Wakeout
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