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💪🐻 HUGE 2019 updates!

💪🐻 HUGE 2019 updates!
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #19 • View online
👋 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber.
🎁 In 2019, Wakeout will turn 2. With about a year and a half of amazing feedback, it’s now the perfect time to evolve the product in a way that really motivates you guys to stay active (and have a blast doing it!). Below we outline our master plan for 2019:

Updated design
In 2019, we’re leaving no pixel unturned. We’re giving our little bear more life and expression. The entire app will also take a more intense, energetic feel. The color palette for example, has received a dose of electricity. New color contrasts are being added so it pops out of the screen.
A TON of new Wakeout exercises
During January and early February we’ve scheduled recording sessions for hundreds of new exercises. We’ve gone completely off the rails this time, focusing of designing fun exercises that explore movements you didn’t know you could do. We’re exploring new environments, like the park, university, different office spaces and even the car.
Expect fun new content soon.
Already in review by the App Store, the new streaks feature is designed to help you stay motivated. The streaks will count days you’ve done exercise. To keep your streak, all you have to do is do a single exercise in a day (feel free to do more!). If you lose your streak, you’ll disappoint Wakefield the bear. And trust us, you DON’T want to disappoint Wakefield.
More ways to stay motivated
We’re updating the concept of our urban exercises to something you can consume more easily. Our goal is to be the 5-hour energy of exercise apps: simple and easy to snack on whenever you need a boost. We’ll be introducing rewards and achievements to help you stay motivated.
☝️ If you have any ideas for engagement features you’d love to see, feel free to reply to this email.
Social features to have fun with friends
We’re in the early stages of designing fun features that lets you exercise with friends. These could include challenges, leaderboards and even gifting stuff between friends.
☝️ If you have any ideas for social features you’d love to see, feel free to reply to this email.
2019 is the year of reaching your goals
Traditional exercise isn’t for everyone. Studies show as much as 80% of people that start a new workout regimen quit within three months. Long exercise routines, intense interval trainings, etc., don’t connect with most folks. That’s why we’re aspiring to make exercise a compulsive behavior, something you can squeeze in the moment the craving hits.
We read every comment, tweet, review and email you send us. We’re building this for you, our subscribers and supporters. Every opinion from you guys informs our product decisions.
We invite you to respond the following questions, either by replying to this email, or privately:
How does success look like for you in 2019?
What behaviors would you like to quit in 2019?
How can Wakeout help you reach those goals?
🙏 Thank you for your continued support!
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