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Destroy stress quickly - Part II

👋 Hi, I'm Pedro Wunderlich, designer and cofounder at Wakeout. Stress is toxic. It's taking a massive
Destroy stress quickly - Part II
By Wakeout • Issue #7 • View online
👋 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and cofounder at Wakeout.
Stress is toxic. It’s taking a massive toll on your health, your productivity and your general wellbeing. On last week’s issue we shared Wakeout routines that can help manage stress quickly.
Modern life has forced us to adopt a lifestyle conducive to stress. It’s reasonable to conclude that living stress free is also a lifestyle. It’s just about changing our mindset about stress—it doesn’t have to be this way! 
It’s time to make a few lifestyle changes. Below are a few ideas but they’re by no means comprehensive (because I have to keep these newsletters short). In brief, habits that reduce stress are those that allow you to connect with yourself and with reality. Find what resonates with you, and start living a stress free life.

Are you managing chaos?
An organized mind can cope with stress better. Are you organizing your day? Your week? Don’t let your mind become plagued by chaos. Take control by putting everything you want to do on paper, then organize the execution. Here’s a nice guide on how to do just that.
Do you have control over your time?
If you’re going through life in autopilot with external forces dictating how you spend your time, it’s time to take charge. Stress can build up quickly when you feel there are things you’d love to do but just don’t have time to do them. In the same way you organize chaos, make time for the things you love. Read about time blocking to make time for everything.
Are you setting yourself up for daily failure?
If your todo list has more than 5 things on it, it’s nearly impossible you’ll get them done. Plan your day to accomplish one single important thing, then go to the next item as bonus points. Design your day for success—one attainable tasks you can get done. Read The One Thing to understand what this means (or here’s a summary).
Do you have a hobby?
Dedicating time to things that are meaningful to you is a wonderful way to connect with yourself. Practicing a hobby is part of the activities called “mindful moments” where nothing else matters other than the moment itself. Taking up a hobby is a great way to melt away stress by refocusing your busy mind on something meaningful. Here’s a list of hobby ideas.
If you commute, are you finding ways to enjoy it?
Commuting can be one of the most brutal aspects of modern life. If you’re at a job you love* but requires that you commute, find ways to enjoy it. Listen to an audio book on a personal growth topic, listen to podcasts to learn a new language, use the time to meditate (if you’re taking the bus or subway). If the commute time is used to edify yourself, you’ll start being grateful for it. 
Read about temptation bundling to learn how to get yourself to enjoy pretty much anything.
*Let’s face it, if you’re commuting for a job you hate, the toll on your health his higher than the pay. Reconsider.
Part 3 Next Week...
In an effort not to overwhelm my dear readers, I’ve decided to leave several more points for next week. There’s a lot to chew on here, and making lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. It’s probably better to slow cook this toping to get the best of it.

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