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Destroy stress quickly - Part 1

Happy Monday! I'm Pedro Wunderlich, designer and cofounder of Wakeout. Thanks for being a subscriber.
Destroy stress quickly - Part 1
By Wakeout • Issue #6 • View online
Happy Monday! I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and cofounder of Wakeout. Thanks for being a subscriber. 
Stress is killing us. Stress is linked with virtually every major modern illness. It’s also linked to obesity, depression and anxiety. Seventy-five to 90% of all doctor visits are stress-related ailments. And it’s on the rise.
Our hyper-connected lives demand good stress management methods. Having a balanced life is key: offline time, spending time with friends and family, having mindful moments every day, and of course, eating right and working out.
This is a two-part series. This week I’m focused on what I can help you with right now: Wakeout routines. These routines have been carefully designed to relieve stress quickly. 

Fun Stress Relievers
What’s more fun than beating up your pillow? These routines will make you smile as you’re burning away that pent up stress. If you’re at work, you can do the Pillow Power routine with a cushion.
Stress Antidote
These two routines are perfect if you’re at work. You can do them while sitting at your desk or office couch. They’ll take you through a series of exercises that are very effective at reducing stress. Do them both in a row for added potency.
Methodical Soothers
Hands and feet collect a lot of tension and stress through the day. These two routines are composed of slow, methodical and repetitive movements that evaporate stress. The release of pressure in your hands and feet will come as a great relief as well.
Focused and Mindful
The movements on these routines are all about precision, which forces you to focus on the movements, giving your mind much-needed respite. Do these when you feel you have a storm of thoughts in your mind you can’t control.
Intense and Powerful
If you’re feeling like you simply can’t deal with your day any longer (hopefully it doesn’t reach this point), these two are the strongest routines in all of Wakeout. They’ll make you sweat. They’ll raise your heartbeat. They’ll also help you channel your pent up tension towards the workout, helping you vent some of that steam.

Part II Next Week
Next week, I’ll talk about other methods that you should implement into your weekly routine to manage stress effectively. 

🤔 How are you coping with stress?
💪 What are your favorite routines to melt away stress?
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