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⚡️☕️ Be more active at work!

⚡️☕️ Be more active at work!
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Being more active at work
We drain most of our weekday energy at work. For a lot of people, it’s hard to have enough energy for post-work exercise. That’s why I believe that integrating physical activity at work not only makes sense, but necessary for a healthy life. 
Below are a few ideas on how to integrate physical activity at work. Would love to hear your own ideas on how you stay active in the workplace.
Use a smaller water bottle for more frequent water breaks
To motivate yourself to take frequent water breaks, use a small 10oz - 12oz water bottle. People love to have huge water bottles that last them the whole day, but this doesn’t encourage activity (and people rarely drink them all anyway). 
A small water bottle means you need to get up often to refill. Take this opportunity to walk to the farthest water cooler possible. Take the stairs every time. For bonus points, do the “Productivity Booster” Wakeout routine when you come back to your seat. 
We love the Tree Tribe 12oz water bottle. It’s just the right size, eco friendly and—check this out—they plant 10 trees with every purchase.
⚡️ Active meetings
Don’t do meetings at a coffee shop. Instead, go out for a walk in the park or around the block. It’s shown that walking meetings are not only healthier, but more productive. People are more lucid, active and creative. At the end of the meeting, you’ll feel better with yourself, and (very likely) better with the overall outcome of the meeting.
📞 Take conference calls standing up
For meetings, put on your wireless headphones and walk around while you talk. If most meetings last over 30 minutes, that’s a good amount of time you can use to be active.
🚗 Park far away from the office
- Find the farthest space in the lot to force yourself to walk. 
- If you use public transit, get off a stop early or later to get a good few blocks in of walking activity.
- If you use Uber or Lyft, have them drop you off a few blocks early.
😅 Take the stairs
This is one of the most obvious and easiest ways to be more active. People avoid the stairs like the plague. But stairs are one of the best exercises you can do. If you’ve never taken the stairs, start slow: go up one flight of stairs and take the elevator at the floor above. Do this every day for a week, then add another flight. Work your way up until you’re regularly taking the stairs all the way up to your office.
Oh, and if your office is at a bottom floor, take the stairs up, then come back down.
🔥 Turn waiting time into ACTIVE time
Here’s a general tip: whenever there’s a little time to burn, you can use if to squeeze in a few squats, arm rotations or knee raises. For example:
- Squats while you wait out the microwave timer
- Arm and torso rotations while the coffee brews
- Knee raises while everyone connects for the conference call
- Jumping jacks while they send you the file or email
There’s dozens of little opportunities to fit in a little exercise during your work day. Keep your eyes open to them and take full advantage. 
⚡️☕️ Make your coffee breaks Wakeout breaks
Wakeout includes several fun routines designed for work. One of the most fun routines is the Coffee Routine. 
Once your coffee cup is empty, before you fill it up get up and do a coffee Wakeout. It’s a hard one, but it’ll surely give you a boost and a little muscle sore 😎
What are your tips?
Send me your ideas and tips on how you stay active during the work day. Would love to get your feedback on how Office Wakeouts have worked for you.
Have a powerful week!
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