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🔥 300+ New exercises out now!

🔥 300+ New exercises out now!
By Pedro Wunderlich • Issue #25 • View online
It’s finally out! The new exercise packs that include 300+ new exercises and 74 new routines are finally live in the App Store! What are you waiting for? Get the update now!
After about a month of non-stop development (new streaming tech), a month of planning, recording and video editing, it feels amazing to see it out in the wild.
☝️ Speaking of wild, read below to get a preview all the new packs included in this update:

Pack #1: Challenging Wakeouts
Pack size: 68 exercises, 14 routines
Location: Living room, office lounge
The most requested type of Wakeout is here! After a little exercise in bed or at work, it was understandable that many of you wanted something a little harder in the afternoon. We hired a professional fitness coach to help us design fun, but challenging exercises for Wakeout. The pack includes a bunch of original Wakeout-exclusive exercises as well as a few classics to get a good sweat on.
Pack #2: Office Yoga
Pack size: 50 exercises, 11 routines
Location: office, home office
We never imagined how good it felt to take a quick pause during work hours to do a little yoga. We partnered with a well-known yoga instructor to design relaxing (and sometimes challenging) movements you can do right at your work desk. They’re designed with the office in mind, but don’t hesitate to do a routine while at home too if you need the relaxation.
Pack #3: On the Stairs
Pack size: 40 exercises, 10 routines
Location: home stairs, outdoor stairs, stairs on your way to work
With Wakeout, a set of stairs can now be your gym. These fun exercises make the most out of a flight of steps with creative squats, jumps and kicks. It includes a bunch of silly ways to go up the stairs, too, that make this pack all the more enjoyable!
Pack #4: Park Bench
Pack size: 40 exercises, 9 routines
Location: public park, home garden
A park bench can be a great gym partner, with the right exercise app. Luckily with Wakeout, you’re now equipped to get the most out of a day at the park. Jumping squats, steps ups and planks are the name of the game here. DJ, Producer and amateur athlete Aurial lent us a hand with modeling for us to get these shipped to you.
Pack #5: Active Walking
Pack size: 60 exercises, 12 routines
Location: walking to work, side walk, park
Walking is a great exercise, now made even better! Active walking is about burning a little extra calories while making your heart pump a little more. They’re fun, sometimes silly, sometimes plain ol’ ridiculous. But they’ll definitely get you winded and pumped to have a great day!
Pack #6: Day at the park - Tree Lovers
Pack size: 40 exercises, 7 routines
Location: outdoors, park, home garden
Get in touch with nature with these new Wakeouts. While you lie against a tree contemplating global warming, you can now get a little pump on. With fun exercises that will strengthen your trunk and branches, we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of these!
Pack #7: Wild & Savage
Pack size: 30 exercises, 11 routines
Location: garden, bedroom, living room or office (if you’re feeling extra savage!)
It wouldn’t be Wakeout without a little silliness to go with it. The new Wild & Savage exercises are completely inspired by animal movements. Get active by pretending to be a dog chasing its tail, a scared cat, a donkey or a lioness hunting her prey. What’s great about these (other than the fact that they’re super silly) is that they’ll make you sweat more than any other.
And we're just getting started...
Thank you for being a subscriber and supporting our goal to help busy people stay active wherever they are. We’ve now deployed the technology necessary to allow us to ship a lot of new exercise content over the next few months. We’re also working on a new interface so you can get to your desired exercise quicker.
Would looooooove to know what you think of the new update. Hit me up! 💌
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Have fun staying active!
Pedro Wunderlich and Andres Canella
Team Woke
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