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Vue.js Newsletter #63: Vue v2.5 Incoming; New VueConf videos; Articles and Tutorials!

Hey there!Vue.js is getting closer to the 2.5 release. It will include a set of changes in how it wor
September 28 · Issue #63 · View online
Vue.js News
Hey there!
Vue.js is getting closer to the 2.5 release. It will include a set of changes in how it works with TypeScript. Make sure to read the announcement post!
Also, Kazuya Kawaguchi wrote a great post on how to do performance optimizations when doing translations with vue-i18n. Really useful!
Better late than never — there are two new VueConf recordings of the talks by Pine Wu and Guillaume Chau. Check them out! ⚡️
Recently I got kinda hyped for Higher-Order Components, but then I saw this talk. Although the presentation is about React, the composition pattern presented at the end can be done in Vue via scoped-slots. Here’s an example how to do it. :)
As always there are several new articles and tutorials, as well as job offers and resources. There’s this sleek chat interface component that Roman Kuba has built. And a new egghead course by Alex Jover! :)
Happy reading!

Upcoming TypeScript Changes in Vue 2.5 – The Vue Point – Medium
Performance optimization of vue-i18n – Kazuya Kawaguchi – Medium
Vue.js Amsterdam *register interest* Tickets, Fri, 16 Feb 2018 at 09:00
Videos & Slides
Pine Wu - var vetur = vscode + vue; | VueConf 2017 - YouTube
Guillaume Chau - GraphQL Made Easy with Apollo and Vue | VueConf 2017 - YouTube
Slides: Supercharging SFCs by Justin Bennett
Bundle and publish your Vue componet like a pro – Poi - delightful web development – Medium
Vue.js + Brunch: The Webpack Alternative You've Been Hungry For
Vue.js Single-File JavaScript Components In The Browser
Reducing Vuex boilerplate for AJAX calls – Lachlan Miller – Medium
Fullstack Tutorial with GraphQL, VueJS & Apollo
Vue.js State Management with Vuex and TypeScript |
Building server-rendered apps in Vue using Nuxt.js – LogRocket
Test Computed Properties and Watchers in Vue.js Components with Jest | Alex Jover Morales
Designing and building a web app from scratch: a case study
Front-end Developer (Vue.js / CSS) at – Remote – Full-time
Senior Front End Developer at – Seattle, United States – Full-time
Senior Front End Developer at KeyMe – New York, United States – Full-time
GitHub - codebryo/messagist
v-tooltip Demo page
GitHub - ktquez/vue-extend-layout
GitHub - mikebz/djangovue
GitHub - Vue-Multiselect
Font Awesome Icon Finder - Chrome Web Store
GitHub - xunleif2e/vue-lazy-component
Sorry for the slight delay. Thanks for reading!
Damian Dulisz
with love from Monterail

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