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Vue.js Newsletter #61: Vue.js is now on Open Collective! Incoming AMA with the Core Team and more...

Hey! Great news — Vue is now on Open Collective! If you were looking into ways to support the develop
September 14 · Issue #61 · View online
Vue.js News
Great news — Vue is now on Open Collective! If you were looking into ways to support the development of Vue.js and its core libraries – look no further. There’s also a story to It, which you can read here.
Have you ever wonder why the Vue.js docs are so great? Or how does the core team manage all those official supporting libraries?
Now here’s the perfect chance to ask such questions as just in a week, on Wed, 20th Sep the Vue Core Team will make an Ask Me Anything session. However, you can add your questions right now.
There are also some new official releases:
Vue.js got an update to v2.4.3 with a long list of bugfixes
Vue-Rx just hit 4.0 with a small breaking change as well as full TypeScript typings!
As the release of vue-test-utils is near, make sure to read the new articles about unit testing in Vue.js by Edd Yerburgh!

Vue is now on OpenCollective! – The Vue Point
20th Sep – AMA with Vue.js Team - Hashnode
Release v2.4.3 · vuejs/vue · GitHub
Release v4.0.0 · vuejs/vue-rx · GitHub
Kickoff: 3.0 plans · Issue #589 · vuejs/vue-cli · GitHub
Write simple unit tests with Vue Test Utils and Jest | Edd Yerburgh
5 Vuex Plugins For Your Next VueJS Project | Anthony Gore
Google Web Toolkit: Re: Vue GWT: Vue.JS integration for GWT 2.8
Vue.js render functions and transitions – Hajime Yamasaki Vukelic
Vue.js communication part 2: parent-child components | Christian Gambardella
Vue.Js Vs. Jquery: Use Cases and Comparison with Examples ― Scotch
How to unit test Vue components for beginners | Edd Yerburgh
Test Properties and Custom Events in Vue.js Components with Jest | Alex Jover Morales
Building a movie app interface with Vue.js – Hacker Noon
Create a static site in 15 minutes or less using Vue/Nuxt and Netlify
Senior Frontend Developer (VueJS) at – The Hague, Netherlands, Remote Allowed Full-time
Front-end developer | based in Amsterdam region at Momice – Amsterdam, Netherlands, Remote Allowed
Vue.JS Virtuoso Contract Developer at MyWiFi Networks – Toronto, Canada, Remote Freelance
AT UI | O2Team
GitHub - rwatts3/atom-ide-vue
GitHub - MatteoGabriele/vue-analytics
That’s it!
Thank you so much for reading! As always, use Twitter to let me know of anything awesome findings! Or just hit reply to this newsletter. :)
Up to the next week,
Damian Dulisz
with love from Monterail
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