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Vue.js Newsletter #46: New VueConf speakers, TONS of in-depth tutorials, Vue+VR and much more!

Hey there!John Lindquist is at it again with a brand new tutorial at about server-side ren
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Vue.js News
Hey there!
John Lindquist is at it again with a brand new tutorial at about server-side rendered apps with Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Highly recommended.
Speaking of Nuxt.js – it just became much closer to the long awaited 1.0 version with the recently published 1.0.0-alpha1 release!
Things I’m super excited this week: early stage of NativeScript and Vue integration and Vue+VR is here!
Also, have you seen the awesome talk about PWA by Addy Osmani at the recent Google I/O event? It was then, that Addy announced the new vue-cli template for progressive web apps! Can’t wait to try it out! 🔥
Be wary, this issue is quite long (but 100% worth the time)!

Chris Fritz
Chris Fritz | VueConf 2017
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee | VueConf 2017
Workshop update:
We managed to find some extra seats for the already sold out workshop with Blake Newman. This means that you can still get the tickets for TWO of our workshops: 
— Application state with Vuex by Blake Newman
— Animated Interfaces with Vue.js by Sarah Drasner
How to get your boss to send you to VueConf
GitHub - vuejs-templates/pwa
Nuxt.js is on Open Collective
Announcing LogRocket for Vue.js
New Release v0.12.0 · vuetifyjs/vuetify · GitHub
How to Migrate from AngularJS to Vue – Nicolas Payot
Build a Server Rendered Vue.js App with Nuxt and Vuex - Course by @johnlindquist @eggheadio
A progressive Web application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 1]
A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 2]
Drupal & Vue.js: how to work without jQuery | ADCI Solutions
How To (Safely) Use A jQuery Plugin With Vue.js
Building a grid component in Vue.js – Hari Narasimhan
Add a headless CMS to VueJs in 5 minutes - Storyblok
Control DOM Outside Your Vue.js App with portal-vue –
Lead Software Engineer at Cimpress Technology - Full-time - Zurich, Switzerland
Front-end Developer at PapayaPods - Full-time - Barcelona, Spain
GitHub - RobinCK/vue-popper
GitHub - nathantsoi/vue-native-websocket
GitHub - devstark-com/vue-circle-slider
GitHub - BrockReece/vue-kanban
GitHub - pierrechls/tweetscape
Phew… that’s all for this week!
Thank you very much for your submissions!
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See you next week,
Damian Dulisz & Krzysztof Jung
with love from Montevue

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